BLOODY SUNDAY: Seems Like Gold & Silver Will Get A Brutal Beating When The “Markets” Reopen

SD Friday Wrap: The cartel was embarrassed more than once this week, and now they’re stark raving mad…

Something has been bothering me this week, and I didn’t want to say anything, but I guess I will, if for nothing more than for peace of mind.

It has to do with President Trump, which pretty much explains why I didn’t want to say anything.

You see, there’s simply no middle ground when it comes to Trump, for you’re either with him, or you’re against him.

Just like the Unicorn & Rainbows Left will shun anything not Unicorn & Rainbows Left, the Red Hats will shun any and all critique, questioning or skepticism of the President.

What has been bothering me?

Yet another dead give-away that Trump is Deep State in Patriot’s Clothing.

The dead give-away has to do with the supposedly dead Jeffrey Epstein.

Here’s the thing: Assuming the man is dead, he was in a place which was 100% secure, and he was under 24/7 surveillance.

Anyone who thinks differently has their head in the sand.

Yet Epstein committed suicide?

Gimme a break.

If he is dead, then he was killed.

Here’s why it matters: Because of the 100% security and 24/7 surveillance, there is no way the Deep State could have killed him unless it was approved ahead of time, so killing Epstein was simply carried out as the Deep State’s plan.

Furthermore, if the “good guys” really wanted this to bring all of the evil nastiness of the Deep State Globalists to light, then Epstein would not have been killed, but rather protected so he could spill the beans on everything and everyone else, but that’s not the part that has really been bothering me.

What has really been bothering me is that everybody keeps saying the Deep State is out to get President Trump, but if the Deep State was able to kill a man in a 100% secured and protected place, under 24/7 surveillance, then why can’t the Deep State get Trump in one way or another after two-and-a-half years?

Now, I’m not saying this from the perspective that the Deep State wants to kill President Trump a la Jeffrey Epstein, but I am referring to a set-up of some sort that would cause President Trump to have to resign at the very least.

Here’s my point: The Deep State cannot get President Trump because they never have intended, nor do intend, to get him.

In my opinion, the President is a Deep State Globalist himself, and the whole “Deep State’s out to get him” is all for show.

Anybody remember “lock her up!”?

Is that still a thing?


Now, it is especially bothersome to me because the vast majority of people can’t see that President Trump is a Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing, even after this latest blindingly obvious example in the Jeffrey Epstein case.

I do hope I’m the one who will be proven right about Trump being the Fall Guy for the Deep State and losing in 2020, because if I am right, we will be able to work on solving America’s problems sooner rather than later.

For the very survival of the United States, we need to solve our problems sooner rather than later.

If we don’t solve our problems sooner than later, the United States may not even survive as a nation.

If I’m wrong?

If I’m wrong, then prepare for four more years of a worsening social, economic and market structure in the United States, worsening conditions which include not just economic misery and financial ruin but also a faster-paced build-up of the US Police State, a quickened construction of FEMA Camp, USA, and even further destruction of Freedom, Liberty, and the US Constitution.

I know I’m probably all over the place in making my point today, but that’s because I’m doing my best not to think about it because it is really the ignorance of the sheeple that affects me the most about all of this, so I’ll just sum-up my point in one sentence: If it was that easy for the Deep State to get to Jeffrey Epstein, then why is it so hard for them to set-up President Trump?

Again, so I’m clear: Because there is not, nor was there, any intention, of ever getting President Trump.


Note: These charts were set-up around 11:00 a.m. EST on Friday.


Gold & silver are standing their ground.

I’m liking the action in the metals right now, for it is almost as if we do keep getting pull-backs, only they are over time and not over price.

Silver is still above $17:

If we pull-back under $17 here and the dip is bought, then we could be talking about $18.50 next week.

It looks like gold is finding support at $1500:

I am now expecting a smash on Sunday night, so what remains to be seen is if the new trend of the cartel not being able to keep prices down for long continues, or if we really get pounded down into the mid-to-low $1400’s, and then we stay there for a while.

I’m expecting the hammer, but I’m not expecting to be down for the count.

The gold-to-silver ratio continues to be a sweet opportunity for stackers:
I do not think that silver is any less important as money than it has been, and little by little, as people realize the man in the White House is not the man they thought he was, the ratio will start coming down.

For now, however, we see stuff like this:

So I’ll just keep on adding to my very humble stack while the sheeple blissfully go about their days unaware of the impending slaughter.




Palladium continues to consolidate above $1400:

If I’m right about a hit coming to gold & silver on Sunday evening, we could very well see a short-term trip down to $1300.

It may be ugly, but it’s still a golden cross on platinum’s daily chart:

But then again, that’s platinum’s second golden cross of 2019, so if I’m wrong about continued strength in the metals after the next cartel-induced smashing, we just might be talking about a third golden cross before it’s all said and done.

Copper looks like it could roll-over in the short-term:

I’m still not expecting copper to stay down for long, however, for fundamental reasons.

Crude oil also looks like it wants to roll-over:

I do think the reversal to the upside will be impressive if I’m right about the Deep State Globalists bringing on economic misery and financial ruin to the United States before the 2020 election.

The VIX has been banging around 18 and 24 this week:

If the cartel brings the heat to the metals this Sunday, I’d be looking for the VIX to start falling again.

The gap-up in the stock market today is not really a good sign for the bulls:

Putting the metals & VIX influences aside for a moment, the stock market is really set-up to begin falling.

Yield on the 10-Year Note dropped below 1.5% yesterday:

How low can we go?

The dollar has had a strong showing for the last four days:


If we put-in another higher-high, the DXY chart will be looking pretty darn bullish for the short-term.

If the dollar is about to be weakened as I expect, any move up will be a very nasty bull trap.

What’s the bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Friday in mid-August?

I think they will try to come in and smash gold and silver on Sunday night.

Gold is the one I’m especially concerned about in the short-term.

Hitting gold hard would do wonders for investor sentiment.

There’s plenty of room to come in and smash gold now.

What happens if gold’s price drops to a 13-handle?

Will the smart money come in to “buy the dip”?

So far, there is no indication they wouldn’t.

That’s the cartel’s dilemma right now.

There is no reason to smash gold.

But the cartel is not reasonable.

So I think they’re gonna try.

But what about silver?

Smash silver too?

I’m not so sure.

Price’s paper.

If they want.

They can.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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