Bliss Or Bust? Gold & Silver Surge Above Their Psychologically Important Levels, Move Higher!

Can the precious metals continue to rally? Here are two things to think about…

(by Half Dollar) I must admit, I do not share in the same happy vibes regarding gold & silver’s recent price action like the Fakes, Frauds, Phonies, Penny Stock Pumpers and Sleazy Opportunists do.

For two reasons.

First, it is obvious the US economy is beyond sick, and not only that, but getting worse, which provides decent cover for the Cartel to go in and lay down a sustained rate of suppressive fire on gold & silver.

Indeed, ushering in Economic Misery and Financial Ruin across America means that the people are ultimately broke, poor, and destitute, and squeezing the people in the real world forces those people to sell whatever it is that they have, be it at a profit or loss, because evermore desperate people need the money just to survive, so the artificially induced, forced squeeze on Joe Deplorable, in my opinion, is on.

Ironic how that works out, isn’t it?

The joke’s on who now?

Second, and more importantly, all of the Build Back Worser and Green New Duds stuff, as in, the evil, corrupt money grabs which will only produce further degradation of our infrastructure and increased pollution of the air, land and water, are pretty much already priced-in to the “markets” anyway, for whatever that means, and the Federal spending programs, since we’re really just talking about a bastardized, Franken-financialized creative legal heist of US dollars, won’t actually channel any of those dollars to anybody at all beyond a very small group of people, so the net result will not be to stimulate anything in the real economy other than our “elected” “leaders” and public “servants” being able to buy a bigger yacht, a third or a fourth home, the all-new $109,000+ Jeep or something.

That is to say, doing anything for the benefit of Main Street, either directly or indirectly, is not really the point of it, but rather, with the current crop of Fascist Totalitarians in all sectors, from the top down and from the bottom up, either knowingly or unknowingly, and intentionally or unintentionally, pushing the continued destruction of America is.

Furthermore, hyperinflation is baked into the cake, for I don’t call it “unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth” for nothing, you know!

Which means the two Federal spending plans alone are not going to be enough money creation since we’re entering the “exponential” part of the growth, so we need something that will generate even more spending, and we need it sooner than later, such as a formally recognized financial market crisis.

And here’s the thing: Biden’s Twitter Tweeter harps all-day long on how the Biden “Administration” is doing such great things for the American economy, and because of this, superficially, a US recession on Main Street would be kind of awkward and embarrassing, even though we’re already well beyond economic depression and more like living in the Zombie Apocalypse at this point, but a financial crisis, such as a crashing stock market, would serve so many purposes, including:

  • Insider money grabs by the Fed, the Feds and their bestest buddies in Washington and on Wall Street.
  • Wipe out all of the retail Gamblers in the Rigged Casino.
  • Temporarily crush Granny’s retirement account, forcing her to get on her knees.
  • Continue the Main Street fantasy while blaming some convenient fall guys & scapegoats on Wall Street.
  • Create even more red tape, rules, regulations and legislation in response to the financial crisis.
  • Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

There are some very serious problems on Main Street, and most of them are by design and on purpose, of course, but more importantly, for Silver Bugs, Stackers, and other Smart Investors, hopefully it means I’ll be right about that gift horse.

Speaking of gifts, another daily all-time record high, again:


But not scary:

It’s more like one of those spoof-parody comedy-horror movies.

Get ready for the Fed to “start talking about” interest rates:

It’s just like watching paint dry, only not as fun!

This is about as good as it gets for the US dollar:

No matter which way the index moves.

There’s been a lot of talk about crude oil, energy, gas prices, and all of that stuff lately:

And by “talk”, I also mean plenty of “lies and misinformation“.

Copper is stuck in the Suez Canal:

But it’s on route to Los Angeles, so that should work out well.

Otherwise smart people, thoroughly distracted by the gambling in the Rigged Casino, think the move in silver versus gold has begun:

There’s this funny thing, however, about having unlimited money, and therefore time, on your side.

It’s brutal, really:

Which is one of the reasons why I say silver is not going to rally like people think silver will rally.

Still, the Echo Chamber is back to booming:

“Party on”, they say.

“We’ve broken out”, they say:

“All-time record highs by Christmas”, they follow-up with.

But I hope not:

Because I still haven’t decided what to get Wifey this year!

Whatever it is, it will be precious and valuable:

Not to understate the importance.

Real money is about to really matter…