“Blessed With Stupidity.” Why Gold is Poised for a Dynamic Five Years

Eric Sprott says we are blessed with stupidity. Here’s why…

Eric Sprott interviewed by Craig Hemke on The Weekly Wrap-Up

July 12, 2019

The month of July is heating up, and so are precious metals. In this value-packed edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up, Eric Sprott breaks down all the gold and silver news you need, including:

  • Why we are “blessed with stupidity”
  • The metal you should be adding right now
  • Plus: Bitcoin vs. Gold—which should you buy?

“Here we’ve put up with Central Banks saying we’re going to print money, we’re going to go to zero interest rates, and it will be the antidote to everything and we’ll have wonderful economies. And here we are—we don’t have a wonderful economy. I’m thinking of Europe in particular. We don’t have a wonderful economy! We have negative interest rates, and what does Mr. Draghi say? ‘Well, we’re going to cut rates and we’re going to print more money.’ Well, you know, it didn’t work the last time! Why do you think that it’s going to work this time? Isn’t that the definition of stupidity?”