BLAST WARNING: 3 Signals Today in Gold, VIX, and the S&P 500

At first glance, these three signals look like, well, three signals, though seeing that they are coming from the algorithmic genius turned SEC whistle-blower second to none, we may be in store for something very big and very imminent… 

Eric Scott Hunsader was awarded $750,000 by the SEC as a whistle-blower exposing market rigging.

Eric is outspoken and adamant about the markets being rigged 24/7. Here’s an article if you need to get up to speed on one of the few people who can “see”, mathematically, the manipulation taking place:



Today, Eric fired off three tweets that, when taken individually, can be very interesting on their own. However, when taken in the context of what we follow day in and day out in the gold and silver community, the whole of these three tweets can be signaling something very, very big about to happen with the metals, and I’m not talking about a crash in gold and silver, I’m talking about a moonshot.

Of course, this is all opinion and most likely happenstance, but somebody, please explain the cumulative effects of these three messages and tell me how I am off base here:




So we have a very active gold trading session overnight, twice as active as the S&P, we have the “fear trade” dominating the markets, and we have the biggest one day drop in S&P futures all year.

Then again. Probably nothing…

OR at least nothing an unlimited amount of paper can’t handle, until it actually can’t…


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