Soon To Be Worthless? Bix Weir Says “There’s Too Much Gold Out There – There’s MASSIVE AMOUNTS!”

Bix says a cryptocurrency token-based barter system will get us from the coming collapse to the new crypto-centric monetary system. Here’s more…

Bix Weir from Road To Roota

Bix gives a timely update called “Making the Crypto Transition”.

In it, Bix says that when the monetary system as it stands today collapses, the world will move on to cryptocurrencies, which are “asset based”, which Bix refers to the underlying asset as being “math” and “trust”.

Bix says that the transition will take some time, though, lasting 20 to 30 years, so in the meantime, high quality, token based cryptocurrencies will be the best forms of “currency” to be used for “barter” when the system collapses.

Bix says that when the monetary system stops, literally half of the entire world population will die, but thankfully, Bix shares techniques we can use to barter with each other via cryptocurrency based bartering so that we don’t end up as part of the unlucky half of the world that is going to die.

Bix says it is the classic “breadmaker versus the housebuilder issue” where the guy building a house needs some bread and the guy baking bread needs some other thing, so they will resort to using cryptocurrency based tokens to conduct their barter (presumably via the internet in an area that has power) when society collapses.

Bix says “all we have to do is trust in math, that 2+2 equals 4”, and that math is is exactly the asset that will back the new cryptocurrency (in addition to trust).

Tune in below for this timely announcement on what you can do to make it through the economic collapse with cryptocurrency (and crypto for barter purposes):