Bix Weir: 500 Years Ago Nostradamus Said Exactly Where To Find The Hidden Grand Canyon Gold!

Bix has an important update as he has possibly located the exact location of the massive amount of gold Bix says is hidden in the Grand Canyon…

by Bix Weir from Road To Roota

Bix starts off with a quick update on the manipulation of cryptocurrency. Bix says that to end the manipulation, it is necessary to bring in the regulators to regulate the market.

At about the 2:20 mark, Bix begins talking about the Nostradamus’ predictions about gold & silver from 500 years ago.

Bix says:

TOO MANY SECRETS! Nostradamus knew where the gold was in the Grand Canyon 500 years ago…

Bix says Nostradamus talked about the end of the paper gold and paper silver derivatives markets, and Nostradamus even knew the day the manipulation would end.

BIx says he never really understood the connection between Nostradamus and the Grand Canyon gold until Bix began his work on the Grand Canyon, but Bix understands the connection now.

To find out more about the location of the Grand Canyon gold, as told by Nostradamus 500 years ago, watch the video update in its entirety below: