Bix Weir Triples-Down: Gold & Silver Will “Never, Never, Ever” Get Us From The Old System To The New

Bix says that nobody needs Bitcoin to be “digital gold” because real money is “math based cryptocurrency”. Here’s what else Bix says…

by Bix Weir from Road To Roota

Bix is back with another timely update on all things crypto, gold and silver.

Bix says that gold and silver not only were not, but are not, “never, never, ever” able to offer any type of solution to get us from the current monetary system to something new.

Said differently, Bix is saying that gold & silver just can’t work.

All that and more in this timely update from Bix’s greenhouse.

With Ripple down 20% today and Bitcoin staring down a 10-handle, here’s all the latest on all the crypto news.

Listen to this timely update in its entirety below: