Bill Murphy: There WILL NOT Be A Bull Market – Gold & Silver Will Just Explode Out-Of-Nowhere

Bill says one day soon all of the price predictions won’t matter because the gold & silver markets are going to blow up on the cartel. Here’s why…

Bill Murphy interviewed on GoldSeek Radio

Bill Murphy of says it’s business as usual in the markets; the gold / silver price rigging continues to plague the sector. Nevertheless, dovish comments from the new Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, suggests a relative value in commodities relative to shares and paper assets, amid inflationary economic numbers, such as wage / asset inflation. Plus, the World Gold Council notes gold reached peak supply in 2017, suggesting that lower output could increase demand pushing price to $1,500 in 2018. Bill Murphy thinks this forecast is tame, his analysis suggests that once the selling passes, the price ascent will be so abrupt that late comers will be unable to procure good bargains. Adding to the bullish case, Alasdair MaCleod recently made a compelling case for the US dollar to continue in its downward trajectory. Bill Murphy emphasizes the point that many guests continue to make on the show – gold / silver may be the best value available in the markets at current prices.

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