Bill King: BUY GOLD As The Transition From Paper To Real HAS BEGUN

The transition from paper wealth to real wealth has begun,  and the new rich in the world will be those holding gold. Bill also says the dollar is spooked and headed lower as he offers an alternative analysis on President Trump… 

Bill King says that President trump is really a democrat at heart. This is going to be very bullish for gold as the US is about to welcome big deficits, a bunch more debt, and all the other spending programs and watered down tax cuts that can do no good for the US dollar.

Bill says the dollar is spooked, and now is the time to buy gold. Smart money and big money is slowly and methodically adding to their position in gold, and as the transition occurs from paper to tangible assets begins, the new rich in the United States will be the people who own gold, not the people holding paper assets.

Bill says the transition has begun.