Bill Holter Says “COMEX Gold CAN Go To $10” (Ten Dollars Per Ounce)

Bill Holter says that US dollar velocity is the key, but no matter what the Fed does to increase spending, velocity will just not pick up. Then there is the distinct possibility that gold drops all the way down to $10 per ounce before it’s over…

Bill Holter interviewed by Dave Janda

There are times when price and reality are two very different things, and Bill Holter discusses a scenario where that is highly likely. The price of a paper asset versus what is payed in the real world might be staggering, so much so that when the gold cartel pushes too hard, there simply won’t be any gold to come out of hiding.

Bill is concerned for the latest developments with China and Russia regarding ditching the US Dollar. The days of the greenback are limited, and the latest moves, such as the Chinese “oil for gold-backed yuan” settlement pick up velocity in one way – away from the dollar.

In this must listen interview, Bill and Dave bring everybody up to speed on the state of the economic collapse and brewing fiat currency crisis.