Bill Holter: “Price Won’t Matter – You Will COUNT YOUR WEALTH IN OUNCES”

People will learn the hard way that the paper “assets” they hold are nothing more than somebody else’s unpaid “liabilities”. Before the paper fiat crisis and the looming US dollar currency reset, however, look for gold and silver to do this…

Bill Holter interviewed on Greg Hunter

Holter explains, “I think the streets are going to be completely cleaned of gold and silver, and they are going to go ‘no offer.’

They will be bid, bid, bid and higher, higher, higher, and there won’t be any for sale. Gold and silver will go into hiding until new currencies come out that can be trusted. I think that’s where we’re headed. You should buy it now because it’s available.

At some point in time, it’s not going to be available, and you are either going to have it or you won’t. The price won’t matter. You will count your wealth in ounces.”

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