Sean at SGTreport and Bill Holter revisit the Fort Knox gold story with a sense of anger, urgency, and righteous indignation. If the name Edward Durrell doesn’t ring a bell, it won’t show up in MSM-Search-Engine results either…

Here is the 1981 Article: 7,000 Tons of Gold Bullion Removed from Fort Knox from 1973-1974 referenced in the video.

If the names Dr. Peter Berter and Edward Durrell don’t ring a history bell, that is because the MSM is determined to not let those names out, or they appear in search as little as possible. If those names do make it out, they are always ostracized in light of what they said about the US gold reserves at Fort Knox… 

After listening to this interview, try searching for Edward Durrell on an internet search engine and looks what happens, and what doesn’t.

Here’s the story, and what it means:

Bill Holter interviewed on SGTreport

“We have been lied to from cradle to grave”, says JS Mineset’s Bill Holter. And there’s no better example of that than the question of the US gold reserves at Fort Knox, which haven’t been audited in more than 60 years.

Recently, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin visited Fort Knox, and after the visit, without a single picture or shred of proof, he tweeted “Glad gold is safe” – which when you think about it, is probably true. It’s safe in the hands of the Rothschild banking establishment.

A 15-year old article from The Globe detailed what REALLY happened to the US gold reserves at Fort Knox, and it’s likely a far more accurate version of the truth than anything former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin has to say about it.