Big Money Placing Bets On A Financial IMPLOSION?

bankerDoc & Dubin Are Back, Breaking Down the Chaotic Market Action: 

  • This Time Eric Is Worried: Bond Crash To Trigger A Blow Off Top in Precious Metals Within 2 Years?
  • “I’ve Never Seen Anything As Insane As What We’re Seeing Right Now-  Things Are Gonna Break In 2017” 
  • Italian Banking Crisis: FX Markets EXPLODE
  • Eric Catches A RED FLAG: Big Money Placing Bets On A Financial IMPLOSION?


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The US Mint sold 37,701,500 Silver Eagle coins in 2016, vs 47,000,000 Silver Eagle coins in 2015- a 20% year over year decline – after being on pace to smash last years’ record sales numbers throughout the first half of 2016. 

To put that number in context – the Mint reportedly sold 23.4 million oz through May! And supposedly only 14 million more Silver Eagles for the last 7 months of the year! 

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