Beyond Peak Gold: Discoveries Will Move The Needle For The Miners

In this post-peak gold environment, where do things stand with the plight of the gold miners and the volatility of mining jurisdictions? Here’s where…

Patrick Donnelly interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

In our past-Peak Gold world, and especially with major forces suppressing gold prices, what other powerful factors can really move the needle for junior gold mining companies?

Patrick Donnelly, geologist, analyst, and director of Harvest Gold, visits Reluctant Preppers to lay out his view of the global gold market. Donnelly offers the rundown on the current flight to the US dollar, burgeoning risks due too swollen sovereign debt worldwide, and the plight of major gold producers facing declining ore grades and volatile mining jurisdictions.

In contrast, Donnelly reveals the opportunities for well–managed junior miners with strong backing and partnership to provide compelling speculative investment opportunities, even if gold prices remain under pressure.

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