Banksters Warning Swiss Citizens a Yes Vote on Swiss Referendum Will Unleash GOLD’MAGEDDON

The Swiss are being told that repatriating the gold would likely result in turbulence for the Swiss Franc.
They’re being told that bringing the gold back is uneconomical.
They’re being told that bringing the gold back is a step backwards, into archaic, dis-proven monetary and economic theories!
They’re being told that bringing the gold back would create enormous currency problems for greater Europe as a whole.
The Banksters are literally trying to sell the Swiss on the narrative, that if they green-light the repatriation,
 a regular GOLD’MAGEDDON would commence in T-minus, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!


Submitted by The Wealth Watchman

Emergency, Unscheduled Post!

Hello, brothers, I’m sitting here writing an article, when I hadn’t intended on posting anything for several more days, yet I must!(I just can’t help myself!)  Something big has just happened, and its potential ramifications are staggering, not just for the gold and silver community, but for entire world financial system.

This past week, the surprise announcement came that the Dutch National Bank, has just finished repatriating 122 tonnes of gold from the New York Federal Reserve!

This is unreal, and not for the reason many are thinking.

Now, this is a fairly shocking thing, because, as we know that for several years now, Germany has been begging, “pretty please, can we have a few scraps of our gold back” to the exact same group of Fed bankers, only to be told:

“You can’t even see the gold, it isn’t safe!”


“Wellllllll, you can have some back, I guess, so long as you give us 7 full years to return just 300 tonnes on deposit.


“What do you mean those aren’t the bars you deposited with us?  Gold is gold, isn’t it?”


“Why the long face, you got a whole 5 tonnes back this year, didn’t ya?”

Germany, the largest powerhouse economy in all the Olde World, has tried and tried, for several years to get the bullion back, much of it to no avail!

Yet, it turns out that all that time, others were moseying on up to the front of the line to get their gold first, incognito, like the Netherlands!

Now, shield brother, ask yourself this:

If you were a German citizen, already livid that your government couldn’t seem to get anything repatriated from the New York Fed but annoying excuses as to why you couldn’t get ahold of your sovereign gold….how would you feel if you’d been hit with that surprise announcement today that the Dutch authorities had successfully shipped in tonnage in the same ballpark as yours, virtually overnight?

How would you feel hearing that others had massive gold shipments made, easy peasy, with no “logistical problems” to speak of?

Would you continue to buy those poorly-conceived excuses any longer from the New York Fed or from your own representatives?

Not a snowball’s chance in your grandmama’s deep-frier!

You’d crank up the pressure on your elected representatives in the Bundestag, until those boys felt the fire!

You’d demand to know why others instantly received their bullion, while you were rudely told that your gold request could “wait in the lobby”, and go unfulfilled for nearly a decade!

You’d hound them to kingdom come, knowing that you were rightfully in line first, and yet had been treated as a 3rd rate power, rather than the backbone of the E.U., who’d lent out many hundreds of tonnes of gold, in good faith!

What about the Swiss?

Let’s take it a step further: what if you were a Swiss citizen, being bombarded by bankster propaganda, day in and day out, for weeks, leading up to your historic referendum to repatriate your gold from the central banks of the world?

Remember, all of the Swiss, are right now the recipients of a propaganda bombardment campaign, courtesy of the Western banking elites, who are terrified of the prospect of having to ask for 1,500 rehypothecated tonnes of gold!  They know that gold will have to be bought on the open market, and they know what that means for the gold and silver price suppression scheme!

The Swiss are being told that repatriating the gold would likely result in turbulence for the Swiss Franc.

They’re being told that bringing the gold back is uneconomical.

They’re being told that bringing the gold back is a step backwards, into archaic, disproven monetary and economic theories!

They’re being told that bringing the gold back would create enormous currency problems for greater Europe as a whole.

Banksters are literally trying to sell the Swiss on the narrative,that if they greenlight the repatriation, a regular GOLD’MAGEDDON would commence in T-minus,






Honestly, that’s the exact impression you get from these spineless people!

It’s beyond the pale.  

These Troika-type, bankster-oligarchical classes have literally no shame and no honor whatsoever!  The whole farce would be totally hilarious, if there wasn’t so much hanging in the balance!

But, now?!  Haha, now the Swiss are watching Dutch ships float in, literally sinking under the weight of all the millions of ounces of gold that’s swelling the decks(without a blood-red moon eclipsing the sun) and really scratching their collective heads!

Just think about it!

Witnessing another neighboring European country receive millions of ounces of gold, with the greatest of ease, has to be causing the Swiss populace to ask some mighty dangerous questions right about now(with just days to go before the historic gold repatriation vote on November 30th)!

Questions like:

Wait a second, if the Dutch can have their gold, why can’t we?  

If this shipment of roughly half the gold we’re asking for anyway, each year for a mere 5 years, can be delivered with nary a ripple in sight…..what’s all the fuss about?

Why are the Dutch authorities fighting to get their gold returned, while our authorities are fighting to have our gold kept from us?

If the Dutch government believes that returning more of their gold will give their citizenry more confidence and ability to weather any coming “major crises”….then why is the Swiss National Bank telling us the exact opposite?

And honestly, brothers, that last question may be the most powerful of all!  This announcement, and shockingly truthful admission, that returning this gold could easily “help the Dutch populace weather any major crisis” could very well prove to be the “shot heard ’round the world!”

I mean, on the heels of even the wretched David Cameronadmitting that he believes the health of the global economic state hangs in the balance…

Hearing, Dutch authorities directly equate the words “gold” with the words “confidence” and “guidance” in times of trouble….has GOT to be forefront in their minds now!

It could prove to be the feather that tipped the balance of the scales, so to speak!

The average Swiss voter is now seeing other countries urge them to “do as we say, not as we do”.

You’d have to be a chump not to see the irony and prescience in all of this, and believe me, the Swiss are no chumps!

Where did it Come From?

Yet, there’s another glaring question in all of this that’s not being asked.

After all, most of the brightest minds in this space have been convinced for some time that the New York Fed doesn’t really have much gold to speak of left in its vaults.

If that is true, then where did this gold come from?

Yes, we know that the Fed has now changed some journal entry numbers on their balance sheets to reflect this repatriation. Whoopty do!  That doesn’t prove anything!  All it proves is that they can do simple subtraction on a piece of paper!

Germany received a handful of gold bars, none of which were the original bars they’d placed on deposit!  They were, all of them, freshly-minted bars, at least at the outset.  They were being made “whole”(if you call 3% of your bullion ‘whole’) with brand new gold taken from the marketplace.

What this Watchman is saying, is: what if those bars, which were just shipped to Holland, had to be bought on the open market, in the last few weeks/months?

Watchman, that’s ridiculous, there’s no evidence that’s occurred!

I know, right?!

Just like there’s no evidence that the New York Fed actually holds 122 tonnes of unleased, unencumbered gold to speak of, either!

Considering the last real audit of the gold at places like Fort Knox, occurred back when folks wore electoral pins that said:

I like ike

Let’s all just dispense with any pretentious assumptions, and admit that actual proof of anything here isn’t likely forthcoming, got it?


This is just a question only: if Germany itself can only get back a tinyfraction of the bars owed them(all of which weren’t the bars they originally deposited)….is it reasonable to assume that perhaps this gold was purchased on the open market as well?

Some have speculated that the most negative GOFO rates in 15 years could be the result of some sort of gold swap arrangement between the Bank for International Settlements and the Swiss National Bank.  That’s very possible, but again not provable at this point.

Others have put forward the interesting notion that perhaps the gold was sourced from the GLD, and shipped across the waters, from the vaults in London, on over to Amsterdam.  Again, this is an interesting train of thought.

What if another cause of this hugely negative GOFO rate though, was secretive buying of dozens of tonnes of this surprise gold shipment(or even the entirety of it), for this Dutch repatriation?

That would certainly put a huge dent in the entire immediately-deliverable bar stock in London and New York, would it not?

Look, this is just thinking out loud. All of this provides lots of questions, with no immediate answers. Nevertheless, it’s still exciting to say the least!


Such an announcement about this gold repatriation couldn’t possibly have been timed any better, shield brothers!  Which honestly leads this Watchman to wonder: who greenlit this announcement in the first place?

Such a state secret could’ve easily, easily gone hidden for just 8 more days, until the danger of the Gold’mageddon referendum had passed, the storm clouds had left, and the markets could’ve digested the news.

Why then, was it made?

Why, indeed, brothers?!

I suspect someone’s head may roll for letting this cat out of the bag, at such an inopportune time!

While the Dutch repatriation is quite telling, surprising, and important….I maintain it is the mere announcement of it, and the timing of that announcement, that is the biggest story here.

Someone in powerful places, could’ve greenlit a decision to courageously pull the back the curtain on the bankster propaganda in Switzerland, with this one master stroke!

Maybe I’m giving someone too much credit, maybe it was just the worst miscalculation anyone’s made all year, but I don’t think so.

This could be a gamechanger.

It could prove to be the deciding factor in the Swiss gold referendum.  It could very well unravel all the hard work that the bankers there have been doing, in order to keep Switzerland’s gold everywhere else but in Switzerland!

Oooooor not!  Ya know?  They may still find a way to defeat what’s best for the Swiss, but one thing’s for sure….

This is gloriously entertaining stuff to watch!  I’ve already got my ounces stacked, and I hope you do too, brothers!

So, until all this has been revealed in the fullness of time(as this too, shall pass), I’m just gonna kick back with a tall, cold one, and eat way too much popcorn….as I wait to see what ridiculous rabbit these jokers will pull out of their next hat, in order to save a toxic, dying system, that was never worth saving anyway…

Popcorn tiny

Ahem, I said, WAY too much popcorn!

Popcorn bags

Ahhh, now THIS guy’s got the right idea!