Banking System Is BROKEN, Will 2017 Usher in the Global Financial Collapse?


financial-collapseAre We At Risk of A Market Crash Bigger Than 2008?
Eric Dubin Warns The Banking System is BROKEN – And Explains Why 2017 May Be the Year the Market CRASHES…


Eric Dubin Breaks Down the Potential Political and Financial Landscape for 2017:

  • Establishment to Make the Most of Trump Victory?
  • I Think We’re Going to See A Really, Really Big Stock Market Correction
  • The Recession Will Be Declared – Incredibly bullish for PMS!


How fast things can change in the PHYSICAL markets when paper prices are smashed. 

Gold Eagles, Gold Maples, Krugerrands, Phils, semi-numismatics like the British Queen’s Beasts Lions and RCM Roaring Grizzleys and even private mint 1 oz gold bars are now ALL on delays at the wholesale level ranging from 1 to 6 weeks in the wake of the past week’s massive rush to physical. 


Same Story (for the most part) In Silver:


Wholesale premiums jumped another .50 on 90% Junk Silver Coins this week, but perhaps more notable is the fact that supplies have dried up almost completely, as SD Bullion’s purchasing team spent nearly half a day scrounging up a mere 5 bags of 90% Friday.

Sales of 2016 Silver Eagles remained strong this week, but at 545,000 coins was down substantially from the 1,405,000 coins sold by the US Mint last week, bringing Year to Date Sales to 32,525,500. 

This week’s decline is likely due to the fact that the Mint’s AP’s were able to order substantially more coins last week than their normal allocation allotments due to the Mint’s stock-pile built up throughout the summer. The Sunshine Mint remains sold out of SD Bullion’s most popular silver round, the Sunshine 1 oz Walking Liberty rounds , and most private mints are still reporting 1 -2  week delays on new orders for ALL private mint silver bullion products. 

Whether a true retail shortage begins to develop and appear will likely be determined by the market action over the next several weeks.
If silver remains at a $17 handle (let alone is hit again to a $16 handle), we expect retail tightness to emerge at some point over the next week.  If the metals bounce strongly early next week, physical bullion demand is expected to cool off enough to keep metal reasonably available.