August Gold Delivery Update

An item of great interest that we follow each month is the ongoing sham/charade/fraud of The Comex metal deliveries.
After the extraordinary and unusual happenings in July silver, we’ve been monitoring August gold all month for similar oddities…

Submitted by Craig Hemke, TFMetals Report:

See these links for example:

Keeping in mind that “Last Notice Day” is today, August 28, check out the data below and compare the ongoing open interest changes with the daily deliveries:

DATE                     OPEN INTEREST                         DELIVERIES               TOTAL DELIVERIES

Jul 30                                   9,215                                                      3                                                3

Jul 31 (FND)                       8,295                                                   256                                            259

Aug 3                                    6,894                                                    84                                             343

Aug 4                                    6,593                                                   2,828                                        3,171

Aug 5                                    3,875                                                      8                                              3,179

Aug 6                                    3,838                                                     4                                              3,183

Aug 7                                    3,643                                                     18                                             3,201

Aug 10                                   3,249                                                  172                                             3,373

Aug 11                                    2,910                                                  450                                            3,823

Aug 12                                   2,510                                                     1                                               3,824

Aug 13                                   2,502                                                    0                                               3,824

Aug 14                                   2,123                                                     0                                              3,824

Aug 17                                   1,763                                                      1                                              3,825

Aug 18                                   1,648                                                     1                                               3,826

Aug 19                                   1,525                                                     0                                               3,826

Aug 20                                   1,495                                                    0                                               3,826

Aug 21                                    1,476                                                    0                                               3,826

Aug 24                                   1,451                                                    59                                              3,885

Aug 25                                   1,345                                                     0                                               3,885

Aug 26                                   1,291                                                   552                                             4,437

Aug 27 (preliminary)            676                                                   618                                              5,055

So, of the 9,215 contracts still open when the Aug15 went off the board on July 30…and of the 8,295 contracts still open at the close of First Notice Day on July 31…The Comex has only delivered 5,055. While this is still a greater percentage than usual, what the heck happened to the other 3,000+ contracts that have just evaporated over the course of the month? Did these folks just simply decide that they didn’t want the metal for which they had been standing? Did they then just quietly close out their August position by selling it at the market? Were they, perhaps, offered some “financial incentive” to take cash in lieu of delivery? Who knows? And given the deliberately opaque nature of the Comex delivery process, we’ll never know.

And here’s something else we’ve been following. On August 4, when a massive 2,828 deliveries were made, recall that 2,750 of those came out of the JPM House account. Since Comex rules limit front and delivery month positions to 3,000 contracts, we wondered how JPM would get around having to deliver more gold if necessary. Well, we have our answer. After delivering 500 contracts Wednesday and another 616 yesterday, the JPMCustomer account has now delivered 1,756 contracts this month! So, how do you get around the position limits? Have your offshore, non-proprietary accounts make the deliveries for you.

And here’s another item of note. Recall that on that August 4 huge delivery day, the primary stoppers were the House accounts of Goldman and HSBC. HSBC specifically stopped 1,249 of them. For the month, that total for HSBC has reached 1,548. However so far this month, there has been virtually ZERO movements of gold in or out of the HSBC Comex vault. (The House account of Goldman is up to 2,451 contracts stopped but since Goldman doesn’t maintain a Comex vault, we have no way of monitoring the firm’s movements.)

The report below is the CME Gold Stocks report from August 4. Note that the total HSBC vault is 4,815,090 troy ounces. Also note that the total JPM Vault is 1,197,462 troy ounces:

Now look at the report from Wednesday (in an updated format). Note that HSBC is unchanged at 4,814,672 with virtually no daily changes in the three weeks since. Also note that JPM’s vault, at 972,828, is down 225,000 ounces from the beginning of the month but only about half of what they’ve allegedly “delivered”. So where is HSBC’s new gold? For that matter, from where did Goldman get their’s? For us, all this does is prove yet again that the entire Comex delivery scheme is nothing but a paper shuffle of warehouse receipts. Very little real gold is ever moved. Each “delivery” month is just a shell game where The Banks simply pass ownership claims back and forth.

Anyway, what’s the point of all this. Well, first the higher than usual “delivery” demand could be another anecdotal data point for global metal tightness. To that end, while there were only 89 August (non-delivery month) silver contracts left open on First Notice Day, the Comex has now delivered 380 as of yesterday. Isn’t that interesting? However, the larger point is this:

The Comex delivery process is a sham and fraud using deliberate deception, hypothecation and accounting tricks. Why does this matter? Because the only thing that gives the Comex paper price any significance is the ongoing charade that physical deliveries are made at those prices. By demonstrating to you the utter sham and fraud of the delivery process, I’m hoping to further convince you of the corruption and fraud of the entire paper derivative pricing system.

This system will, of course, eventually implode under the weight of its accumulated lies. The resulting collapse might possibly be enough to completely denigrate and destroy the exchanges and banks responsible for the ongoing crime. What an interesting time to be alive, indeed.