Are 100 Baggers Possible With The Miners?

Miners with high-grade stories are starting to see a bid…

from Palisade Radio with Tommy Humphreys

Tommy discusses growing up in Vancouver while being exposed to the financial markets and the junior mining sector through his parents. He is obsessive and tries to know as much as possible about the market. “We are in an uptrend for both gold and silver with the market currently consolidating. Currency wars and zero interest rate policies are positive for the sector with high-grade stories starting to see a bid. We are at the beginning of a positive bull market, but how far it will go remains to be seen.”

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – His beginnings in investing.
3:30 – His obsession with the mining markets.
8:30 – Where we are at in this market.
10:40 – Key books that have shaped his perspective.
14:20 – What he is working on today.