Anti-Fed Silver Circle Movie to Debut Thursday at Silver Summit

The lovely Megan Duffield has informed us that the long awaited Silver Circle Movie will debut Thursday at the Silver Summit in Spokane Washington. 

SD readers unfamiliar with the film can find out more from our recent interview with Megan on the movie, or by visiting the film’s website.

We have a limited supply remaining of the 1 oz silver rounds commemorating the film available at SD Bullion while supplies last.

Ron Paul holding up a Silver Circle round to his arch-nemesis, Fed ChairSatan Ben Bernanke on the Leap Day Massacre:

*LinePlot Productions* will be kicking off its Fall promotional tour with
the first-ever full screening of the film *Silver Circle* at *Silver Summit*

(*SPOKANE, WA*) – *Silver Summit* is an annual conference of silver
investors, collectors, and industry professionals, which is currently
celebrating its 10th anniversary. The two-day event is a meeting of the top
minds in the industry and features a marketplace of booths packed with
silver-related products, information and memorabilia.

Located near the silver mines of Washington state, the conference will take
place at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane. Noteworthy silver gurus will be on
hand, including luminaries like Bill Murphy of GATA, Eric Sprott, and David

*Silver Circle* is an animated dystopian thriller, set after an
inflationary economic crash in 2019, which pits a group of rebels, who have
created their own silver currency as a solution to the crisis, against an
out-of-control Federal Reserve. The film is packed with explosions,
romance, and monetary mayhem, and Silver Summit attendees will have an
exclusive opportunity to see it before its official release.

On Thursday *October 25th* at *6:30 PM*, LinePlot Productions will offer
the first-ever screening of *Silver Circle* in the Marie Antoinette room at
the Davenport Hotel. The LinePlot Productions team will also be hosting a
booth at the convention, where fans will be able to buy newly-minted Silver
Circle coins and a graphic novel based on the movie.


October 25th at 6:30 PM


The Davenport Hotel

10 South Post Street Spokane, WA 99201

LinePlot Productions will be presenting in the Marie Antoinette room.


Director Pasha Roberts and Marketing Manager Megan Duffield will be
presenting the film and available for questions after the screening.


Megan Duffield

Marketing Manager

[email protected]

617-864-8300 x122