Andrew Maguire: The Levers Used To Manipulate Gold & Silver Prices Are Being Removed

Andrew has just been called into Parliament, and more than once. Where does this all lead? It leads “to the top”. Andrew explains…

Andrew Maguire interviewed by Craig Hemke of TF Metals Report

A few weeks ago, you may have seen the story of a British member of Parliament reading into the official record a lengthy synopsis of precious metal price manipulation, the sordid involvement of the bullion banks and the risks these banks pose to the global financial system. If you missed the headlines at the time, here’s a recap from Chris Powell at GATA as well as the official transcript from the Parliament’s website:

As it turns out, our old pal Andrew had a hand in assisting the Honorable Mr. Lefroy in this project. So Andy’s here today to discuss his role in this process, what steps are coming next and what he hopes this new level of official notoriety might accomplish.

Many thanks to Andy for his time today and for his ongoing efforts in the fight to create a fair and just pricing system for the precious metals.


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