Andrew Maguire: The Cartel MUST ‘Contain’ Gold As $1,000,000,000,000 In Derivatives AT STAKE TODAY

Andrew says the Cartel is desperate to keep gold under this specific price, or else a trillion dollars in derivatives blows today. Here’s the details…

Andrew Maguire interviewed on Crush The Street

Andrew Maguire joins us in this exclusive interview to discuss the current economic instabilities and the ongoing suppression of precious metals.
We also look into the union of Blockchain and Gold with the concept of Gold backed cryptocurrencies and gain insights on an accurate valuation for gold and also Silver.


-Economic breaking points and Gold’s pricing
-Bullion banks suppression agenda
-Where are the opportunities in Gold and Silver?
-Bitcoin and Gold backed cryptocurrencies
-A fair valuation of Gold and Silver
-Where to find out more information