An Absolute Astounding Amount Of Physical’s Been Drained From Market And Now In Strong Hands

Rob Kirby says precious metal is becoming harder to find & acquire in size, and we could be seeing developments portending the paper market blow-up…

Rob Kirby interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

When proprietary ‚Äčanalyst of precious metals and former credit derivatives trader Rob Kirby informs us that an epic amount of physical precious metals was just withdrawn and memory-holed using off-market transactions, we sit up and take notice.

The adage to “ignore their words and follow the money” leads us into a piercing expose of the Comex as an “operational crime scene,” the G20 summit as a sign of the breakup of nationalists vs. globalists, the government imposed hikes on oil & gas in France and the leading edge of hyperinflation contagion, and the Deutchebank investigation as a wedge between the US and the EU.

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