As America Turns Into One Giant FEMA Camp, Gold & Silver Are YOUR ULTIMATE LAST RESORT When Everything Else Fails

SD Friday Wrap: After conflicting economic & political realities, WE ALL MUST LEARN something BEFORE IT’S THE END of the United States as we know it…


Hi there!

Feeling bi-polar?

How about a little bit schizo?

Like muddling through an identity crisis?

I’m kind-of feeling those things, figuratively of course.

Of course.

The front-and-center dueling realities are enough to make a person’s head spin.

Aren’t they?

Case in point – the trade war:


Uh, OK.

I guess I got it.

Many thanks for that.

In the span of twelve minutes we’ve gone from “everything is awesome” to “The Battle of the Budge”.

And yes, that was a play on words.

Cheesy, I know, but I’m not smart enough to crack a real joke.

Here’s another case in point – the border wall:


That’s just swell.

We can all remain distracted to our noble leaders duking-it out in Washington.

They’re only here to help, and acting in our best interests, you know.

Look, I get it: Here’s what I think about the border wall.

The problem is not the fact that I somehow get it.

Exactly 99.999% of the people don’t get it.

And that is indeed the problem.

It is also a shame.


Oh well.

It doesn’t really matter.

I’ve said it so many times before.

There’s no sense rehashing those points here.

People will learn the hard way, just like they always do.

There’s a broader point to make, however, and I’d be humbled if I could explain it to you.

Here’s the main point: When everything else fails, gold (and silver) is the ultimate last resort.

No, I didn’t make that up myself.

It is a well known saying.

The people forgot it.

Long ago.

Now, if you haven’t taken the time to watch “gold for bread“, it is mandatory viewing:

That’s not even an immediate “when everything else fails” life-or-death situation.

Though as the Zimbabwean currency failed, staying fed, with bread, meant panning for gold.

I’m talking about something much more dark and sinister when I say “when everything else fails”.

Now don’t get me wrong: Hyperinflation is no walk in the park.

I’m not talking about just hyperinflation, for I’m talking about that and worse.

I’m talking about a situation where everything has already been tried, but to no avail.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, there you go again, confusing as ever and incoherent too. You freakin’ babbling weirdo. Would you just get on with your point, and tell us what situation are you talking about?”.


I hear you.

But I’m not going to answer the question.

I’m sure you can think of a situation where handing over some gold or silver means the difference between life and death.

There are many situations, but to fully understand how gold & silver can be a last-ditch life-line, every one of us needs to think it through on his or her own.

So much so, that one is able to explain oneself and what’s coming to others, and only at that point, perhaps, will an understanding of the dire straits of America sink in.

In my opinion, Americans are about to learn some hardcore 3rd-world customs and norms, and those who can’t adapt will simply die.

Those who can adapt will have a chance, even a chance to make a positive difference in their own lives, and in the lives of others, like friends, family and community.

If you need a little help understanding what I’m talking about, or if you need a little help imagining the situations, I’d recommend watching the movie Hotel Rwanda.

Of course, the movie trailer I linked too doesn’t hit on the point I’m making, but take my word for it and watch the movie if you haven’t.

If you have watched the move, but some time ago, now might be a good time to watch it again.

Especially if you owned no gold or silver the first time you saw it.

You’ll get a whole new perspective.

Just don’t go hatin’ on ‘Ol Half Dollar ’cause he watched a movie.

That was many years ago.

I do watch as few movies as I can.

I can count the number of movies that I watched last year using only one hand, and I’d still have fingers to spare after counting.

So far in 2019, I think I have watched one movie (or was that over Christmas?).

But I digress.

Hotel Rwanda is good because if you’re able to use your imagination a little, you will understand exactly what I mean when I say “gold (and silver) is the ultimate last resort”.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you idiot! The United States of America will never turn into some sort of 3rd-world, Podunk Hellhole like Rwanda!”.

Uh, ok.

If that’s what you think, then you won’t be one of the people who can adapt.

And I already said what happens to the people who cannot adapt.

That said, being able to adapt is only one part of surviving the future that we all have coming to us here in the United States.



What happens when it comes down to a matter of life-or-death, but the person (or his family) has tried everything he can, and everything else has failed?


I know.

It’s pretty dark.

No, this ain’t no “fear porn”.

It also ain’t no dang “doom-n-gloom”.

It’s just what’s coming to the entire nation.

In my opinion, America is going to destroy itself from the inside-out.

At the same time we’re being destroyed from the outside-in by the globalists and Deep State.

That destruction from the inside-out and from the outside-in will be very bloody and certainly very violent.

And it will be overwhelming for most people.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what about the people who take care of themselves. You know, the ‘over my dead body’ types of bad-asses?”.

Good question.

Most people will think that way.

Most people think, “I’ve got some guns, some food, some water, some ammo, and I can take care of myself and my family just fine”.

Uh, OK.

Sure you can.

But even if you could, you’re forgetting one cold, hard truth: Mistakes happen.

Even if a person has prepared, and even if a person can adapt to what’s coming, and even if that person’s immediate family can adapt, what happens if the person or an immediate family member makes a potentially permanent, irreversible mistake?

Everybody makes mistakes.

Heck, I make mistakes all the time.

And when I say all the time, I also mean lots of them.




Who does not?

Those who don’t constantly make mistakes are either dumb, or they are seriously living life in denial.

The house must sit on an acre lot, on the shore, of that stinkin’ river.

Those people will learn the hard way.

As soon as they make that one grave mistake.

That said, even if a person never makes a mistake as the United States destroys itself, there may very well come the time when an ultimate last resort is needed.

If you must fall back on your ultimate last resort, you either have it, or you don’t.

If you don’t have any physical gold or physical silver, well then.

You do not have the ultimate last resort, do you?

You can’t just go buy it when you need it.

By then it will be too late.

Moving on.

Gold & silver had a rough week:

This is a solid performance to close out the week, however, especially with gold.

As such, the ultimate gift that keeps on giving became even the ultimate-er gift this week:

At nearly 85 ounces of silver to buy just one single ounce of gold, I personally would put all of my dollar-cost-averaged monthly purchase into silver.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, how much do you dollar cost average every month?”.

Good question.

The answer is that it really just depends.

On some months I can spend more, but lately it seems like I’m spending less.

Much less.

When you’ve got a teenager and a nearly-teenager at home, the amount spent on my very modest, ultra-tiny stack is nowhere near the amount I’d like it to be.

We all just do the best we can with what we have to work with, and that’s all we can do.

If we do that, then we will have done our best.

If we do our best, we will be rewarded.

And if we play the gold-to-silver ratio arbitrage, then some time down the line, like in a year or a few, then we will be super-rewarded.

I think silver found its short-term bottom yesterday:

Especially considering the uber-bullish golden cross on silver’s daily chart.

Look to the far left of silver’s chart, and we can see the cartel was in complete control last year.

I don’t think they have that same amount of control this year.

In fact, I think the cartel is, right now, forced into “managed retreat” mode.

In other words, the cartel must let prices rise, or the cartel risks the physical market blowing up the Unconstitutional, fraudulent paper market.

Gold has held-up better than silver on this pullback:

I think the short-term bottom is in for gold, too.

We’ll see.

Palladium hit a new high today:

I’ve been looking for that, but I’ve been looking for it with a surge to the upside.

We didn’t get the upside surge, so I’ll be watching palladium closely next week as I’m starting to think we could see some sideways consolidation from here.

Speaking of surges, platinum surged though its 50-day moving average to end the week:

Platinum is still banging around the bottom, and with the drop in price on Monday taken into consideration, the surge from today basically round-tripped platinum to slightly higher than “unch” on the week.

Copper, like platinum, is also looking to regain a major moving average to close-out the week:


I still think copper’s next big move is up, not down.

Crude oil looks to be starting the inverse head-n-shoulders break-out I’ve been calling for ever since January 4th:

And it makes sense we see crude in the upper-$70s in a hurry.

Why does it make sense?

Well, in order to bring max pain to America this year, gas prices have to rise, because higher gas prices hits everybody directly in the wallet, and the less income a person earns, the more that pain at the pump is felt.

I zoomed-out a little to put the farce of the stock market into perspective:




But here’s the thing: They had to stop the decline which began in October of last year.

Why did they have to stop it?

Because it was coming too early.

You know, like when you’re at a really sketchy party, and they have this huge cake that a hooker pops out of, only she pops out of the cake before she is supposed to?

Well, it’s kind of like that.

Although this won’t be no dang party.

There won’t be any good-looking hookers.

And there most definitely will not be any cake.

So it actually won’t be like that.

Not like that at all.

But I digress.

It was too early to crash the stock market back in October.

Now I get it, President Trump is a good actor.

He came up in WWE, not that I’ve ever watched it, and I believe Trump even had his own television show of some sort.

But I don’t think he’s a good enough actor to stay on script if they crash the stock market and collapse the economy too early.

I don’t think he’s that good of an actor.

It has to do with his simple manner of speech.

And something about his foot, and putting it somewhere.

Some people would say the man can wing-it through any situation.

But I’m not so sure he’d be able to wing-it if the market crashed and the economy collapsed before it was time for the globalists/Deep State to film that scene.

So for now, yeah.

One helluva ramp job.

To infinity, and a whole lot more!

Equally impressive to the ramp job, someone took a tranquilizer dart and shot VIX in the face:


Point blank.

Because if you’re not ready to crash the stock market and collapse the economy, you must protect maximum complacency at all costs.

And it is fitting, really.

You see, while the evil bastards almost brought down the entire system a little too early, perhaps by accident, or perhaps on purpose as a little dry run, but as an added bonus, said bastards got the sheeple to think that the bad stuff is now behind us.

My, oh my.

It’s gonna be ugly.

The whole world also thinks the US dollar is back:

And that is exactly what they want you to think.

As such, the yield on the 10-Year Note is slightly confused right now:

At some point, yields are going to skyrocket, but that’s not what will happen first.

First, yields will drop as they crash the market & collapse the economy.

Yields will drop just as America spirals into the realm of max pain.

Here’s the $64,000 question: When do we get max pain?

I think they will try to time it to the 2020 election.

Which means it starts sometime this year.

And becomes even more painful.

All the way until the election.

And then what, you ask?

It’ll be Hotel Rwanda.

Plus some zombies.

All locked-down.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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