Alex Jones to Piers Morgan: 1776 Will Commence Again if You Attempt to Take Our Guns!!

Alex Jones Piers MorganWe’ve been waiting all day to watch this! No, we’re not talking about the National Championship game, we’re talking about Alex Jones on CNN debating gun control and the 2nd amendment! While it is obvious that CNN is struggling for ratings, we are rather shocked that CNN has allowed the American sheople to be exposed en masse to Alex Jones.
Jones informs Morgan that the 2nd amendment isn’t about duck hunting, it’s about protecting the American people from tyrannical government, and that the globalists have their sights on the Swiss and American gun rights so that their world wide tyranny goals can be completed.

Jones informs Morgan that 1776 will commence again if you attempt to take our guns!!

Full 13 minute Jones/ Morgan debate below:

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