Ahead: People Opt-Out of Dollar, Opt-In to Gold & Crypto | Jerry Robinson

Economist Jerry Robinson tells Silver Doctors the biggest moves in the crypto space are yet to come…


Jerry Robinson of Follow The Money interviewed by Silver Doctors

Robinson is cautiously bullish on the stock market, but the game could change at any time.

People should never mix trading or investing with politics, Robinson says. Regardless of what you think of President Trump, the fact is the stock market is in an uptrend, and investors should play the hand their dealt.

Robinson is also bullish on gold and cryptocurrencies. For gold, it first needs to break through $1,350 before it can make it’s big moves. He says more people will rush into the crypto space this year, and the biggest moves are yet to come.

Robinsons says, “When you see gold and cryptocurrencies simultaneously increasing at the same exact time, that is going to be extremely bearish for the U.S. dollar, because that is really a sign that people are opting-out.”