A Mish Mash Monday In Gold & Silver

As we get closer and closer to the day we know will occur…

submitted by J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,

      We start our week off in a mish mash, with Gold trading at $1,904.80, down $2.80 with its low at $1,891.20 and its high at $1,910.90. Silver is trading higher with its price at $24.055, up 2.6 cents after reaching a low at $23.805 with the high at $24.16. The US Dollar’s value is pegged at 93.72, down 18.9 points, recovering from the low of 93.64 with the high at 93.955. Of course, all this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after Rudy Giuliani states “I hold China responsible for what happened to Trump” as well as other Americans that lost their lives or were affected by this bio weapon, along with 183 other nations, who lost lives and are most likely following suit.

      Gold in Venezuela is now priced at 19,024.19 Bolivar, down 91.89 from Friday’s quote with Silver trading down 0.15 of a Bolivar with the last price at 240.249. Argentina’s Peso price for Gold is now trading at 146,471.60, proving a gain of 659.24 A-Peso’s, with Silver’s price at 1,849.67 A-Peso’s, it too gaining 16.41 since Friday morning. Turkey’s Lira now has Gold’s last trade set at 14,800.76, showing an 11.44 T-Lira pullback yet Silver’s last trade shows a gain of 0.539 of a T-Lira with the last trade at 186.882.

      October Silver’s Delivery Demands now has a post of 648 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts up on the board with a Volume of 23 and a trading range between $24.12 and $23.785 with the last trade at the high, a gain of 14.9 cents. Friday’s delivery activity concluded with a total Volume of 101 that traded between $24.15 and $23.58 with the calculated Comex close at $23.971, a loss of 22.2 cents and dropping the demand count by 87 contracts that might have gotten receipts somewhere. Silver’s Overall Open Interest is now at 155,300 Overnighters proving a loss of 214 shorts against the physicals.

      October Gold’s Delivery Demands now has a post of 14,306 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts, with a Volume of 16, and a trading range for these agreements between $1,898.90 and $1,884.70 with the last trade at $1,898.80, down $1.40 so far today. Friday’s full day of deliveries happened in between $1,913 and $1,893.90 with the cCc figured at $1,900.20, a loss of $8.20 which reduced the demands by 3,957 contracts that still leaves $2,716,423,280 worth of physical demand waiting to get real. Gold’s Overall Open Interest is now at 552,527 overnighters willing to short against the physicals, proving a drop of 4,897 contracts as we get closer and closer to the day we know will occur, with the now added – colored caveat.

      The Mathematics Association, which has now completely stepped outside their league of understanding, has declared math racist. Not sure what happened here, were they required to actually believe the crap called critical race theory? Maybe this is the backlash of a career being replaced by an app. If one doesn’t like math, they simply shouldn’t take it in school or use it at work. I remember when the major banks were hiring mathematicians at much higher salaries, in order to bring us right here and now, with the created Weapons of Math Destruction. Maybe this has caused the best of the best away from the classroom. So sad!

      In other news, the SEC is making Deutsche Bank’s CEO personally responsible for the bank’s crimes, which brings us right back to last week’s DOJ filings, which did not have the CFO and CEO’s signatures in the DPA (Deferred Prosecution Agreement) against JPMorgan. Treasuries and precious metals are the subjects of the DOJ, and the bank was caught red handed, manipulating both, and under the watchful eyes of both the SEC and CFTC.

       Enjoy your day, keep that smile on your face and a prayer for all, regardless whether one participates in the markets or not, all currencies are at risk, which means everyone will be affected by the outcome. This is the mish mash of it all. Keep it real and keep it close, and as always … 

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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