A Booming Economy, A Multipolar World, $10,000 Gold, And $400 Silver?

The economy in the US is nothing like it is portrayed in by the Fed or the government. In fact, the economy is getting worse. Here’s why…

Michael Noonan interviewed by Rory Hall on The Daily Coin

Here is a robust discussion between Michael and Rory.

What really goes on in the world of economics, politics and geo-politics? Who really makes the world go round?

Michael and Rory break-down what is really going on under the economic surface of the United States to explain why things are not as rosy as the Fed and the federal government are making the economy out to be.

What is going on with China and Russia, and are the part of the globalist system or outside of it?

Finally, are gold & silver relevant today, and what about all those $10,000 gold and $400 silver calls?

For all of those topics and a whole lot more, tune in to the interview in its entirety below: