9/11 Researcher Tod Fletcher On the Smoking Gun Evidence for “the New Pearl Harbor”

On the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, Tod Fletcher of Consensus911.org joins us for a power packed show, discussing: 

  • Latest PM smash as gold trades down towards $1225 and silver breaks $18.50: did the metals FINALLY bottom overnight Thursday into Friday, or is a capitulation crash coming on the Sunday night Globex session? 
  • First signs of renewed silver shortage appear along with DOZENS of new FIRST TIME SILVER BUYERS contacting SDBullion to enter the market Thursday and into Friday- a sign the 3 year correction is ending? 
  • The smoking gun that 9/11 is a Conspiracy FACT
  • Tod reveals his view on the MOTIVES behind the largest False Flag attack in US history- was it war, the security/surveillance state, gold theft/cover up, OR ALL3? 

The 9/11 Anniversary Special Edition Metals & Markets with The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Consensus911’s Tod Fletcher is below: 





attack bomb

World Trade Center 7:  Controlled Demolition 

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Are you a “manipulation truther?”  People that research and document fraud and manipulation within western financial markets experience a very similar sort of backlash 9/11 researchers endure.  Both subjects fly in the face of so-called conventional wisdom.  Sadly, reality is often stranger than fiction.

To commemorate the 13th anniversary of 9/11 Doc and I decided it would be a good idea to introduce our audience to some of the highest quality 9/11 research available.  There’s considerable debate about what happened on that fateful day.  It’s often quite difficult to sift through a mountain of evidence and come to agreement over specific details.  That’s why “9/11 Consensus Points” developed and published at Consensus911.org. is of great value.

Consensus911.org was founded by well know scholar Dr. David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth.  Twenty-two researchers are involved in the project.  Each researcher reviews and ranks specific evidence independent from the rest of the team.  This methodology helps to prevent viewpoints of any given researcher coloring the perspective of other team members.  Each evidence subject is ranked and only evidence that passes the critical thinking litmus tests of 85% or more of the entire team makes the final cut as one of the “9/11 Consensus Points.” 

Doc and I reached out to Tod Fletcher, who is one of 22 researchers that have come together to produce “9/11 Consensus Points.”  Mr. Fletcher started working with Dr. Griffin in 2004, and he’s an expert on many aspects of 9/11.  We hope you find our discussion with Mr. Fletcher insightful.  

Please visit Consensus911.org.  It’s well worth your time.




Precious Metals Shellacked!

What a depressing week.  The only good news for precious metals holders came Friday, as gold partially stabilized and silver attempted to regain some of this week’s lost ground.  Clearly, all the talk about the Fed raising interest rates sooner than expected weighed heavily on precious metals markets.  The dollar’s strength has been a contributing factor behind the shellacking as well. 


There’s a silver lining, however.  We see evidence that investors are stepping up and buying this pullback.  Mining shares leaped higher Thursdayeven while gold and especially silver were ruthlessly sold down.  Meanwhile, the retail physical market started to pick-up on Wednesday.  SD Bullion had one of its busiest weeks and US 90% silver coins minted before 1965 are once again difficult to come by.  “Junk silver” coins are usually the first product to signal significant drain of overall silver supply at demand inflection points.  By early next week, we should know just how much buying interest has returned with these lower prices.  Tune into the show for Doc’s full report.

Need a break?  

If this week’s financial market action has you craving some down time, here’s a worthwhile movie pick.  This Friday, Atlas Shrugged 3: “Who is John Galt?” opened in theaters.  Click here to check out the official trailer and an interesting documentary.  

Enjoy the weekend — Eric Dubin


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