50 Year Investment Insider: Even More Nations Are Turning To China’s Trade Deals Settled In Gold

“The dollar crashes, and then all hell breaks loose in all markets…”

Phil Sloan interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

Phil Sloan has been on the inside of the investment world for decades, including at one point being the Vice President of Paine Webber.

In this timely discussion, Phil discusses the ridiculous valuations of the stock market right now. He provides unique insight to why the MSM and even why the brokerages are always bullish on the stock market.

Discussion then shifts to the pension crisis before moving into gold.

For somebody who has been on the inside for decades, Phil understands the importance of gold in the world, and he is expecting a sharp move higher in the price of gold as the debasement of all currencies continues.

From there the conversation turns to the petro-yuan and the bilateral trade deals China is making with gold being offered instead of yuan in an effort to boost confidence.

Hear all of those topics and more in it’s entirety below: