5 MILLION OUNCES of REGISTERED Silver Withdrawn From Brink’s Since Friday!

Last Friday we updated readers of an astonishing 3.6 million ounce REGISTERED silver withdrawal from Brink’s COMEX vaults.
The physical silver drain continued Tuesday, as a massive 1.2 million additional REGISTERED ounces were withdrawn– again from Brink’s vaults!!

This brings the total to nearly 5 million ounces of REGISTERED silver withdrawn from a SINGLE COMEX DEPOSITORY in the span of 3 days!   This is approximately 25% of Brink’s entire REGISTERED inventory, and 12% of the entire COMEX REGISTERED SILVER INVENTORY!!!

This brings the total COMEX registered silver inventory down to 36.8 million ounces.  Clearly there is a MASSIVE DEMAND for physical silver as the cartel hammers the paper price to prevent a breakout above $35, and extreme physical tightness among the cartel bullion banks!