360 Tons of Gold Within Annual Worldwide Sewage Flow?

1008020-6-20150129235304-your-citys-sewage-could-hold-26m-in-gold-and-silverAnd the cartel were afraid they were scraping the bottom of the barrel in remaining gold supplies after raiding Ukraine’s gold reserves….
Science Magazine has reported there are an estimated 360 tons of gold flowing through global sewage.
Who would have thought that the Coney Island Waste-water Treatment Plant may hold more gold reserves than the NY Fed?
Just how bad do you want need it Jamie/Lloyd/Janet/Mario? 


TND Weekend Humor: Eric Dubin


Now here’s an amusing story.  Science Magazine published an article discussing just how much gold and silver particles are sloshing down worldwide sewage systems.  Commenting on the story, Matt Cantor noted an estimated 360 tons of gold are hidden in tiny particles that flow through annual worldwide sewage.

That figure is probably a vast over-statement given that it represents roughly 1/8th of annual gold mine supply.  Nevertheless, there’s a lot of precious metals in that muck.  Maybe someone ought to give Treasury Secretary Jack Lew some diving gear.  Germany will not mind smelly gold.  They’re probably refining old US “coin melt” bars anyway!


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