3 Taps And Out? Fund Manager Reveals Outlook on Gold and Silver

Are the Gold & Silver Shorts About to Receive A Religious Experience?
Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joins the Show to Break Down the Largest Decline in COMEX Gold Open Interest We’ve Ever Seen…



  • Is the Gold Cartel Suddenly Preparing For A MAJOR Move in Gold Prices?
  • “We’ve Had A Huge Paper Washout” – Largest Decline in COMEX Gold OI We’ve EVER SEEN! 
  • Are We About to See A Big SIGN For the Longer Term Trend for Silver?
  • Market Fireworks Coming? Fund Manager Warns “These Funds Are Going to BLOW UP” 
  • “I Don’t Know How We Make it Into 2018 Without An Economic Crisis…” 


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Physical Market Update:

Gold and Silver coin sales remained subdued this week across the US market, as wholesale premiums dropped on 90% bags.  The US Mint reported sales of 350,000 Silver Eagle coins, and 5,500 1 oz Gold Eagle Coins:

2017 Gold and Silver Eagle Coin Mintage:

Month 1 oz Gold Eagle 1/2 oz Gold Eagle 1/4 oz Gold Eagle 1/10 oz Gold Eagle 1 oz Silver Eagle
January 86,500 19,000 36,000 125,000 5,127,500
February 21,000 5,000 4,000 30,000 1,215,000
March 16,000 1,000 4,000 35,000 1,615,000
Last 7 Days Sales 5,500 0 2,000 0 350,000

*Last Update: 3/31/2017

(Full Historical US Mint Coin Mintage Numbers Can Be Found Here🙂