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What’s the current state of the US economy, and where is this all headed?

(Silver Doctors Editors) Eric Dubin (connect with Eric Dubin on Facebook) was on the most recent episode of Operation Freedom with Dave Janda.

During the interview, Eric has some sobering words about the state of the US economy and where this is all headed.

Newer readers of Silver Doctors may not know that Eric Dubin is one of the original Silver Doctors Metals & Markets hosts.

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Our most recent podcast was recorded with Dave Kranzler on Tuesday, July 28th, and can be viewed here.

This must listen Operation Freedom interview will auto-play in a new tab in your web browser, and if you want to skip straight to the interview with Eric, fast forward to about the 3-minute mark.

Eric Dubin with Dave Janda on Operation Freedom: https://tinyurl.com/y56caara

Also of interest, the last time we spoke with Eric on Silver Doctors, last Fall: