“$150 Overnight” Gold Likely to EXPLODE On A Trump Victory

Gold To Explode With Trump VictoryHarvey Organ Joins the Show to Discuss the Breaking Hillary Scandals, and How Gold & Silver Will Respond to Tuesday’s Historic Election.

Pour a Pot of Espresso and Buckle Up, the Market May Be About to Receive a Religious Experience…
Doc, Dubin, and Harvey Break Down The Week’s Chaotic Market Action, Discussing:

  • It Just Didn’t Matter – Harvey Organ Explains Why the Cartel Gold & Silver Raid Failed
  • Imagine If the Bond Bubble Breaks And Rates Rise 1%…
  • Physical Markets Overtaking Paper Shorts
  • Has Trump Been Selected to Manage the Collapse?
  • Will Trump Be Our BREXIT?  Why the Markets Are Not Pricing in a Trump Victory

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