David Morgan Has A Date For Gold To EITHER Break-Out OR Head Lower

The Silver Guru tells Silver Doctors that gold may see more short term weakness ahead. However, David says that if any two of the black swans flying overhead crash into each other, the price of gold could surge much higher, almost overnight…

David Morgan of The Morgan Report interviewed by Eric Dubin and Elijah Johnson on This Week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets Wrap

Gold and silver fell this week. Eric Dubin says the Fed’s balance sheet normalization news was the primary catalyst for pushing the metals down. Morgan says if gold doesn’t break back above $1300, gold will continue to get weaker toward the end of the year.

When the stock market finally breaks, David is not calling for a minor drop, but a percentage that is jaw-dropping.

However, the miners have been weathering the storm well, which is bullish for the sector, Morgan says.

All this and much more on this week’s show:



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