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Thank you to DNA Precious Metals for their sponsorship of Metals and Markets.  Congratulations to WZ for nailing the year end Comex Price at $19.33! 


DNA Precious Metals Inc (DNAP : OTC BB) is a gold and silver mining company with seasoned management and a fast track to production on the Montauban tailings mine in mining friendly Quebec Canada. The management team has combined over fifty years in the mining industry working in corporate finance, financial management, geological engineering, project management and government relations.

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DNA reached important milestones in early 2013 with the launch of the new website, additions to Management and restructuring of the Board of Directors, clearance for trading on the NASDAQ OTC BB, and progress towards production of the Montauban tailings mine, 120 km west of Quebec City, Canada.

The new Montauban 16,000 sq ft mill building is complete. Final permit applications for a 1000 tpd mill, production financing, and equipment purchases are goals for Q3 of 2013, with a target of first processing of ore in the spring of 2014. All in capital cost under $10M, and potential future revenue of gold and silver concentrates from the historic resource running into the next decade, are essential ingredients for a huge success.

DNA’s aggressive search for proven resources and past producing mines with current economics will lead to our next acquisition, enhancing shareholder value.

Welcome to DNA Precious Metals.

Ronald Mann
President & CEO

“New Production from Past Producers”

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Disclaimer: DNA Precious Metals is a cash paid sponsor of SD Metals and Markets. Neither The Doc nor any other member of Doc Investments LLC currently owns or plans to own shares in DNA Precious Metals in the next 14 trading days. As always, your own due diligence is required before investing in any security.  Promotional round is shipped free of charge to US residents only. One guess per person.  Last day for prediction is 12/23 at 11:59 p.m. e.s.t.


  1. 27.21 ….. Big time rally for eoy

  2. Without a doubt I am guessing $23.54

  3. 18.80

  4. 18.34

  5. $19.65

  6. 19.83

  7. 22.15

  8. 19.58

  9. 21.48

  10. $20.35…sideways always sideways until POP goes the weasel! Keep stacking…

  11. paper or physical? 

  12. 20.83$

  13. 19.10
    Let’s be realistic here, and hope its not lower

  14. $18.50
    We testing $1000.00 Au/$16.00 Ag?

  15. ill go with   19.02

  16. With a bit of luck… $24.95. What say you?

  17. I’ll go low this time at $18.71.

  18. What the heck, I have a lot of silver, so I’ll say my beginning of the year prediction.  $32.50

  19. My lucky guess is: $20.16.

  20. $19.64… as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

  21. I’ll go with $19.53

  22. 20.03

  23. This sucks for us Bulls But……
    Then we will resume our bull run again…
    Bernanke & JP Morgan need one last reach around before he leaves, and the $$$$ goes bye bye…

  24. Its Christmas has to go up some the lucky numbers are $20.55

  25. $18.88 :)

  26. 19.75

  27. $19.84

  28. $18.65 ~ 
    $$$ will just keep printing, most ppl will just drop more PM to chase more paper value, and we’ll just stacks more, LoL…

  29. $21.88

  30. First of all thanks to doc and dna for the generous silver give away..
     I will guess $21.07

  31. My guess is $21.21.
    With less and less around for sale.

  32. 22.78

  33. $18.93…..insanity but lets keep it down for a little while longer!!!  happy stackin

  34. $21.51
    Merry Christmas!

  35. With continued base building, ag will finish the year at $18.80…..Happy Holidays;)

  36. How do we find out who won past months? Where are results posted? 

  37. 20.19
    silvertards we ride!!!

  38. 22.22 

  39. $24.68

  40. 18.83

  41. $26.15

  42. $20.00 on the Button!

  43. I’ll guess…………$19.55

  44. 19.99

  45. $19.18

  46. $18.79
    Keep stacking people. $h!t is getting crazy.

  47. 19.33

  48. $19.10 usd – just got some maples and phils from the Doc, NICE!

  49. $19.67

  50. 19.00 even!

  51. $0 The price won’t be measured in Dollars. LMAO

  52. $16.66   But then $30+ by year end 2014.   And $50+ in 2015.   I will not stop buying silver no matter how low it goes, I will only buy more ozs per paycheck.
    Dollars when not backed by gold, ONLY LOSE VALUE OVER TIME.  ALWAYS.  That is the TREND that is more important than the 2 year downtrend in what will be a 20+ year bull market.   
    The dollar bear market started in 1971 and never ended.  

  53. 19.46 it shall be.

  54. 21.10

  55. $19.11

  56. im guessing 19.22

  57. 19.41 =  When the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

  58. 19.11

  59. 21.72

  60. 19.23!!!!!

  61. I’m going with $18.73

  62. I chose $18.73 because that’s  the year when silver had trouble in America.

  63. $18.83

  64. 19.55

  65. Lowball guess  $17.38   All my guesses in the last were high and silver went down.  Guessing this low show make silver shoot upwards.  Someone should guess at least way above

  66. I’ll say $19.20/ ounce. I’ll be happy if I guessed right and even happier if I guessed wrong (as in too low).

  67. 19.67


  69. I am looking for an uptick towards the end of the year so I will forecast:

  70. $19.79

  71. 19.43

  72. 19.13.  The year the Fed began it’s dirty-work, I believe.

  73. 19.87

  74. 20.60

  75. 20.13

  76. 20.02

  77. 19.33

  78. Many thanks, guys!  And Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.  I basically just thought of the year the Great Depression hit rock bottom in 1933 and guessed that as the price.  lol

    • I don’t understand, the ending price was 19.435 as can clearly be seen from the chart below which would put my guess at 19.43 as the winner.  I thought they always used the one they post on the very same page as the contest so everyone can see the price.

    • Just wondering if anyone can provide me with a link to where I can find the ending “Comex Price” for silver that was used for the winning prediction instead of the spot price that is always shown on the screen and in the above graph.  I feel like I’m playing Calvin Ball where the rules keep changing during game.  Thanx 

    • nailing the year end Comex Price at $19.33!


  80. O.k. last year is over.
    Predictions for the 2014 year-end price, anyone?

  81. $63.91 sounds Good.  O! by the end of the year, sorry I can’t count that High. Lol Keep Stacking

  82. I’ll go $20.17

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