WEAPONIZED BANKING- Coming Soon to a Bank Near You?

BankingA new form of banking is here! The term “Weaponized Banking” was coined to explain the new tactics of cyber attacks, capital controls, derivative markets, and more.
Is weaponized banking coming soon to a bank near you?

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  1. Isn’t weaponized banking what happens when you get paid nothing to deposit little slips of govt scrip in a bank, yet inflation continues mercilessly, eating away at the unwitting victim’s nest egg?

  2. I’ve referred to the whole financial system as “weaponized” for years. Mr. Quayle talks about how you can fight wars with money..
     A book confessions of an economic hitman was written long ago which amply proves this.

    • Yeah CD,  John Perkins book, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, should be required reading by every high school senior.

  3. Do a deep search on your bank, see how deep they are in trouble. Even my small local bank is lopsided with bad farm debt.

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