Watch Ben Bernanke Spew Propaganda on Economic Recovery to UMich Students LIVE at 4pm EST

Bernanke lectureThe Propagandist in Chief (aka Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke) is scheduled to give a lecture at the University of Michigan’s Gerald School of Public Policy at 4pm EST today on current economic issues and the recovery.

Have your buy orders ready, and prepare to Stack the Smack if the cartel MO of raiding the metals on Bernanke speeches/ FOMC releases continues.

Watch The Bernank’s speech live below at 4pm EST

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Watch live after the jump:


Bernanke Dimon

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  1. Time for another round of ‘Punt the Bernanke.”
    Is there a way to modify the image so that we can kick him in the face?

  2. Zerohedge has the twitter feed where questions are supposed to come from and they range from cringe worthy, to so honest they cannot be asked, to hilarious.

  3. Watching it live – The moderators are actively trying to avoid difficult questions it seems.  They’re asking relatively simple ones.  The only interesting thing is that Bernanke says their targets were based on a “best guess” instead of scientific analysis or economic theory.

  4. No effect on silver price.

  5. Brainwashing for the next generation of “economists”

  6. On the other hand, Bernanke is a LOT smarter than Geithner.  At least Ben did not try to go to China and BS a bunch of students who know more about money, economics, and banking than he does!

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