Want to Know What’s in Fort Knox? Here’s The Bar List

Thanks to a tip from an SD reader, we have discovered the US’ official bar list of “Deep Storage Gold”  held at Fort Knox, Denver, and West Point, buried in a PDF file on the House Financial Services website.
Updated on Sept 30th, 2010, the document provides a full bar inventory including total bars, weights, and fineness of the US Deep Storage Gold reserves.  

For all those inquiring minds wondering how much if any of the US’ gold reserve remains, the official US Deep Storage Gold bar list is below:


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Gold Reserves


Fort Knox gold

Full PDF document including West Point and Denver Deep Storage Gold can be found here:


We find it interesting that the official US Deep Storage Gold Document was published in 2010, less than a year after Rob Kirby provided evidence that the US gov’t had swapped the gold held at Fort Knox with tungsten salted gold.


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  1. So… Fort Knox, Denver, and West Point are referred to as “Deep Storage Gold?”

    What I find interesting is that for what now, about 4 years, this pdf file has been around… and until now, it’s NEVER been revealed?

    Why NOW???

    Think I’m going to do a little Barry Birth Certificate forensics on this pdf file… betting it’s genesis is a bit more recent than 2010….

  2. Bull-shit!  Pure and unadulterated.  When some trustworthy sole does an inventory ON PRIME TIME TV WITH A CAST OF DOZENS, then I may start to believe there is a chance of it being true.  Otherwise, fuck off!

    • @silverrrr
      Ye of so LITTLE FAITH!!!   How in the WORLD COULD YOU NOT TRUST your government????   SHAME ON YOU!   And, in such DEFIANT TERMS???   My goodness…..
      When you decide to run for public office, let me know.  I’ll vote for ya…  with overt honesty like that, you’d be an asset….  not only would I vote for ya, I’d see if I could buy a life insurance policy on ya that would pay off in gold or silver…. :)

    • I recommend death penalty by throwing gold bars at him for not trust our government.

    • @Sovereign-Economist
      Yeah, I think @silverrrrr has a small case of Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) … he maybe needs a little Re-Education at the Ministry of Love, :P
      ‘Deep Storage’ – Imagine saying stuff like this in the 1800s to old school capitalists, they would laugh in the face; but now its legit lingo on ‘the Street’.
      The only meaning for this terminology that I speak is, Deep Storage = 6feet Under … like the Fed Balance Sheet and the US Treasury collateral account.

    • Funny thing is, if I seen it on MSM I would trust it less. I would prefer wikileaks over msm anyway!

  3. I thought it was interesting that they list nearly a million ounces of 22K “Coins” at the end of the list (after doing the math). Those just might be very old US coins minted before the 1834 debasement to 0.900 fine. I guess there might have been a few treasury people that recognize value

  4. Deep Storage means that they don’t actually count or assay the bars.  A vault is sealed and “auditors” assume the gold has not been touched since their last visit.  No need to even open the door to take a look.  

    • Thanks for the insight…I guess that means our reserves of gold plated tungsten are intact…whew I was worried there ;)

    • TRanslate: The doors were opened, all gold was removed, these painted bricks were put in its place…
      not even tungsten, it is expensive

    • At least they’re honest, go to the last page, some bars less than 1% pure…

    • @UglyDog
      I have a friend in Perth, Australia who knows a gal who worked for the Perth Mint … so he was talking to her about the Fractional Nature of the Mint (he already did his research on this mint) and she said that he was deluded, and that every liability is accounted for with DEEP STORAGE GOLD on the accounting ledger … so he asked her what ‘Deep Storage’ meant, and she openly admitted that it was In The Ground Gold Deposits that had been officially assessed in size and the mineral rights bought by the Mint for its exclusive extraction.
      When he suggested to her that EROI (Oil and Labor and Taxes) was not expended on that resource, thus it should not be on the Mint Ledger as a Listed Asset, her eyes glazed over, and she called him a conspiracy theorist because the numbers all added up at the end of the day … LOL … this is a True Story!!! She had no idea why calling it Deep Storage and selling it on to consumers even sounded slightly dodgy to the average person!
      She was Blonde with an Accounting ‘qualification’ (nuff said), and he let her know in no kind manner that she was a bimbo with no idea how reality SHOULD work, and that she was one of the main reasons the world was so stuffed up. She didn’t like this very much and told him that he wouldn’t know because he was not ‘qualified’ … he laughed in her face and asked her whether she did an apprenticeship with Madoff Investments, and she had no idea what that was, LOL.
      I guess the Perth Mint always has Force-Majeure (Cash Settlement), and also Bankruptcy/Back-Stop protection in the Australian TaxPayer because it is still a Government Agency! I’ve bought coins from Perth Mint whilst I am over there, but of course always take delivery same day in small quantities.

    • WNBAS…great insider intel.  Thanks.  

    • The age-old definition of a Gold Mine is : “A liar with a hole”. So that should tell you what your grandfather and his grandfather thought about “essayed in ground reserves”

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      Indeed, good info.  This gal reminds me of the girl reporter who was saying that “gold isn’t as good as the US dollar because it isn’t backed by anything”.  LOL!  The things that come out of some sheeple’s mouths.  :-O

  5. I don’t think it’s Tungsten salted Gold at Fort Knox.  I think it’s Gold salted Tungsten.  So what if the Gold’s not there anyway?  What does it matter at this point? If they swung open the doors tomorrow for the public to see and nothing was there the price would probably go up a buck. 

  6. Well now we can see how many years this BS goes back. This is why I think there is at least another 5 years of BS and lies, hope we can hold on

  7. We down here in the Cayman Islands – one of the world’s major tax-havens, in case you didn’t know! – we have as important a stake as anybody in the legitimacy of the US government’s financial records. In case any reader is interested, here is a posting of mine from a couple of weeks ago, called “All the gold there is in Fort Knox”. The content is not riveting, and not expert, but confirmation of a sort that nobody with any financial nous anywhere in the world has the slightest trust in Fort Knox’s records.

    • And as we are seeing the lid blown off the reality that gold manipulation is NOT and HAS NOT been merely a conspiracy theory., perhaps soon, someone will think to suggest the ‘next level’  — that the assertion of the absence of Gold in Fort Knox isn’t a conspiracy theory either…

    • @Sovereign Economist
      There are times when it seems as if the accusation of “CONSPIRACY THEORY!” is brought out all the more quickly when a real conspiracy is at work and those involved in it want to discredit those who have found them out.
      I liked Ron Paul’s approach to all this when he would say things like, ‘Well, if this is a conspiracy theory, let’s do an audit of the Fed and put it to rest, rather than allow people to continue to speculate about it’.  lol

    • @Ed_B
      “…There are times when it seems as if the accusation of “CONSPIRACY THEORY!” is brought out all the more quickly when a real conspiracy is at work and those involved in it want to discredit those who have found them out.”
      When I was doing research for my 9/11 expose on my radio network, I had an interesting conversation with a very well-placed informant who was to be a  guest on the series until she told me she’d been told she could not make any further appearances on this topic.  It was she who suggested to me that the strength of the government’s discrediting and marginalization of the truther movement might best be illustrated by looking into all the 9/11 theorist websites on the internet that were hosted on CIA-fronted government-controlled servers.  When I followed her lead and looked into this, I found over 100 sites that fit this criteria.  The effort was to keep the truther movement appearing to be so fragmented with SO MANY different theories that no one could possibly arise to get any air under it’s wings to fly.
      Indeed, the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ never gained more currency in the common vernacular than during the proliferation of all these ‘alternative theory’ sites.  The conclusion was that, indeed, the government “DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH!!” Indeed, where there is smoke….

    • @Sovereign Economist 
      Good story on this, SE.  Thanks for posting it.  I did not know about this but am completely not surprised by it.  Looks to me as if the Gov is using dilution as their anti-truth solution.  This kind of disinformation can be quite effective, especially if they can also add some really off the wall stuff to those web sites to make them appear to have been set up by the completely unhinged among us.  Unlike them, we don’t need to make up anything to put out info.  Telling the truth about them is plenty!

  8. What is with this site, just look over the last few days… “metals taking off to the moon’ than next day ‘ smash coming any day’ now this undeniable proof the gold is all there, SD your losing any credibility !

  9. Hell,  Casper007  We are human. \
    We live in hope most of the time. Hope we made the right decision. Hope we will get through the day.
    The sad part is that those who control the price play most of us, and that is the bulk of the human population on this planet; they play us like a fiddle
    but slowly and surely the truth is coming out for those of us willing to see.  
    Truth  may never be put back into the bottle, repressed as it have been for decades.  So now the to and fro of propaganda and hope, fighting their battles, will rage daily on these and other pages.  

    When a person pans for gold they see flashes of color in the mud.  The hope for a strike makes panning addictive
    But panning still yields results and if pursued long enough, a fortune can come the way of those who persist in panning
    The same can be said for solid valuable information in a world of MOPE and BS.  We hope, therefore we are

  10. Another site noticed at the end there are a few bars less than 1% pure… what the deuce is up with that?

  11. well hell, so much for hope   now we get  dope.  
    silver and gold smacked simutaneously.
     for you stackers, here is another buying opportunity
    That numbers girl at Perth Mint got her training at Arthur Anderson Accounting
    I wonder if they use the same inventory control as Tulving or Mt Gox.
    My deep storage of silver and gold is just over the hill at the Comstock Lode.
    I don’t really own any silver. My stack is still 1,500 under the main street in Virginia City, NV

    • @AGXIIK
      “silver and gold smacked simutaneously.”
      So was copper.  All of the metals seemed to take a hit today.  That does not bode well for industrial production or the rising of any “green shoots” that are supposedly out there.
      Something else interesting was that the US employment data that came out in Friday, was more than double that of Dec or Jan, yet the market barely reacted to it.  Could it be that the Wall Street boyz-n-goilz are finally catching on to the fact that these numbers are pretty much made to order and have NO basis in reality?  Could be.  Even if the number was real, 175k new jobs in Feb is still about 75k below what is needed due to population growth.  Considering how nasty the weather was in Feb, the likelihood of creating 175k new jobs seems about nil to me… unless they were snow shovelers.  The labor participation rate is still at 63%, a 3-decade low.  There was a time in this country when inept and corrupt politicians were routinely tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.  Ah, the good old days did indeed have their charms.
      “My deep storage of silver and gold is just over the hill at the Comstock Lode.”
      Sweet.  I’ll have to check on it the next time I am over that way.  :-D

    • I saw a video this last week on Yahoo that said that the 175K new jobs is more than necessary for the economy to grow (if fact only 85K new jobs was sufficient) as so many Baby Boomers are retiring and people are just replacing those open positions.  It’s all garbage logic but a lot of people will believe it. 

    • Those who put out these fake numbers are counting on the fact that the US so-called education system does not train anyone to understand even simple mathematics.  If the US economy were to create 175k new jobs per month for a year, that would be 2.1M jobs.  If this is divided by the 315M people in the US and expressed as a percentage, that would be about 2/3 of 1% annual job growth in the population.   This is similar to the US population growth rate of about 0.70%.  Convenient!  Unfortunately, it does nothing to relieve the millions of people who are long-term un- and under-employed.

    • @AGXIIK @Ed_B
      My friend is a really cynical guy, and the way he told me the story was so funny because I have dealt with this kind of hollow-head attitude in many offices I have worked in/with.
      He’s a really nice guy who wouldn’t hit a woman at all but he said he experienced some strange mixed emotions, especially after she called him a Conspiracy Theorist … he said it was a mix of feelings between uncontrolled laughter and wanting to slap her in the face … It scared him a little. I was like “Dude, you’re cracking up” .. so we resolved to go out and shoot some watermelons to ‘vent’ … Therapy.
      Sometimes suffering so many trained morons in one lifetime can be a trying experience!

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “…especially after she called him a Conspiracy Theorist…”
      This is one of those mental knee-jerk reactions that people come out with when they have nothing else to say and don’t really understand what we are saying.  It’s like those times when you are solving computer problems and the software does something that’s not really germane to the issue but falls back on it as a canned response because it doesn’t know what else to do.  My other fav is when a computer comes out with something like “ERROR:  000025164132A”, with ZERO explanation of what that means and no pointer to where such info can be found.  Yeah, real helpful… as in not.
      “…so we resolved to go out and shoot some watermelons to ‘vent’ … Therapy.”
      Yeah, I know what you mean there.  I love playing Quake II and its variants.  Been playing it ever since it came out.  Several years ago, my wife came into my PC room and asks, “How come you play that violent game so much?”.  My answer was, “I kill pixels so I DON’T have to kill people”.  Yes, I was kidding… mostly.  ;-)
      “Sometimes suffering so many trained morons in one lifetime can be a trying experience!”
      Indeed so… but, I have a theory on this.  It is my contention that we all have a B$ volume and absorption rate that we can tolerate.  If either of these exceeds our in-born limits, BIG trouble follows.  Problem is, these limits slowly shrink as we get older, probably from long-term B$ toxicity / over-dose.  I first recognized this in my mother-in-law, a sweet, gentle, and kind person if I ever met one.  When she got into her mid-80s and something on TV would upset her, she’d say, “Just kill’em.  Kill’em all!”.  That was when I realized that she had finally over-dosed on B$.  ;-)

  12. “Deep Storage” used to mean gold still in the ground, as yet un-mined.  Now it means gold in a vault that never opens?
    So here we have yet another piece of paper with numbers that is supposed to prove something.
    This morning between 7 and 11, 2,003,000 contracts were traded back and forth, representing about 10 BILLION ounces of silver in order to drive the price down a paltry 50 cents.  There’s your silver news of the day.  You’re welcome.

    • Indeed, @Conax.  The entire paper dump routine is becoming less effective over time.  It has run face-first into the Law of Diminishing Returns and the results ain’t pretty for the pump and dumpers.  It now takes WAY more to do WAY less that affects the price for LESS time.  At some point, we very well might reach a point where it takes a near-infinite amount of paper to cause barely a ripple in the PM prices.  Well before that could happen, though, I fully expect this routine to run out of gas and end of its own weight at some point.

    • @conax
      “…“Deep Storage” used to mean gold still in the ground, as yet un-mined.  Now it means gold in a vault that never opens?
      HA! “
      Aw, c’mon Conax… Of course,  they can get those underground vaults open.  Don’t you know that’s where the technology for those “Bunker-Buster” bombs originally came from???  Only after they made ‘em did they realize the military applications for them. </sarc>

  13. Wow! You guys are getting a little tuff on me.  Granted, once in a while I like to rant…makes me feel better…. Then when those PC words and phrases are thrown about, I can handle them better.  Not that you posters out there don’t already KNOW this, but when the PC fuckers put out a word or phrase, that’s supposed to add legitimacy to their ever-reaching tentacles to make us “real” people shudder in our boots, and give up the fight, as it were.  Me, I see it for what it really is.  Throwing out “conspiracy theory” or “racist” and the rest only make me want to dig a little deeper, because the truth is there, right below “conspiracy theory”, “racist”, et al.
    Remember, for those of you around here awhile, I gave 40 years of my life to government service, I have seen most of “it” a time or two.

  14. Anyone who trusts government issued statistics is insane!

  15. EdB  When you come to the ‘vil I’ll show you my mine.  It’s a hole in the ground.  There’s a liar at the top
    The silver and gold take down was very likely a reaction to the Non Farm Payroll Bullsheep report.  Of that 175,000
    the birth death crapola stats were estimated to be 125,000 of the 175,000.   That is total fabrication.
    There was the note that 55,000 construction jobs were created in Jan and Fed.  really?!!??!?   With the polar Vortex, a nasty winter, housing starts and the housing marketplace in the crapper, the home builders major owners juicing reports so they can sell their stocks before the shares tank  (that’s public records BTW)   
    Sure, we are experiencing records growth.
    Record growth in the bullsheep production factories.
    They are running day and night
    Today Soylent Green is pure grade A 100% bullsheep
    tomorrow it’ll be something else.

    • @AGXIIK
      “When you come to the ‘vil I’ll show you my mine.  It’s a hole in the ground.  There’s a liar at the top”
      OK, but only if you dress up like Sam Clemens.  ;-)

  16. Edb We have a real live Samual Clemens aka Macavoy Layne, a Chatauqua speaker.  He does the show Ghost of Mark Twain and it is really something to see.  Mac and I see each other almost daily at the gym.  We usually have some wry banter about the world today.  He’ll channel Twain with an observation that is as current and fresh today as it was 150 years ago. You’ll appreciate this. He was a Marine who served in the Vietnam War in the early 1960′s He’d still fit in his uniform and is, or at least was, a triathlete. google him up when you have a chance.
    Willnotbeaslave   this controvery about unemployment is so damnably obtuse that it practically gives me brain damage listening to the government stats–as I have few enough neurons to spare.  The story reads like some wretched science fiction novel.
    I read somewhere that just to just remain static, this country needs to create 250,000 real jobs.  Not government drones but real jobs in the privae sector actually making something other than dognut holes, troll scripts and origami in a USG office somewhere in Platte ND.
    250,000 just barely replaces those leaving the market for natural and unnatural reasons and the normal population increase.
    This country would have to create 350,000 real jobs for years before we were back to a realistic and dynamic 5% full employment rate. It would take years for us to get back to a realistic employment percentage.
    This BLSBS birth death job creation number is a figment of someone’s key strokes. Close your eyes and his a computer key. Job creation via imaginary business creation and growth is nothing but  a sick joke.  It’s as real as the origami divinations of a government slave in a cube farm.
    The labor participation rate–lowest since the Carter years at around 63%, shows more clearly in the payroll tax collections and the vast tracts of Obamavilles. These are key indication of job dearth.   Someone, John Williams or another real thinker, said we have 100,000,000 people doing nothing but building resume castles   That is an unemployment rate of 35-37%.   

    • @AGXIIK
      “We have a real live Samual Clemens…”Yes, I know you do and I bet that he is terrific.  I used to love watching the Mark Twain routines that Hal Holbrook used to put on as TV specials from time to time.  I guess that he also did his act at clubs in various places but never got the chance to see one of them.  Funny thing is, these guys make a lot more money than the original Clemens did from doing such things, even after adjusting for inflation.  Great stuff.  Would also like to see someone do a 1st class version of Will Rogers.  I love his quotes… such as, “A fool and his money are soon elected.”  lol
      “…google him up when you have a chance.”
      Thanks for the tip.  I’ll do that.  :-)
      Hey, he’s got some videos on YouTube… excellent!  I will watch them all.  :-)

      Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/w/will_rogers.html#mA1z

  17. Willnotbeaslave  careful about shooting watermelons. That’ll get you on DOJ Holder’s list.  All watermelons are now ‘chipped’  and can tracked.  If a watermelon is used in a way NOT prescribed by the Bureau of Watermelon Safety and Security, your name is recorded in the Sentinel System.  I hear they can even detect the presence of Confederate flags.
    Just sayin’
    If it was me I’d used ripe cantelopes at 10 yards.  They’re a more appropriate size for CQB drills.

    • Yeah, I can see how that would present a problem with the current administration.  I am quite sure that they identify strongly with watermelons… green on the outside, red on the inside!

  18. Yep, that’s them watermelons.  Wouldn’t want to offend the enviro-weenies.
    I like cantelopes, well ripe.
     tan on the outside, orange on the inside.
     As PC a fruit to shoot as you can get
     No one is offended–except other cantelopes.  
    Besides which, they are just the right size.
    Use a marksalot to make the faces.    I like to name mine too.
    Some of my fav politcians, for instance.  ;-)

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