US Mint Sells 681k ASE’s Monday, Sets All-Time April Gold & Silver Sales Record!

USMintUS Mint reported a whopping 681,000 ASEs sold Monday, bringing the April sales total past 3 million ounces for the first time EVER at a record 3,068,000 oz. 
The Mint has now set a monthly sales record 3 out of the first 4 months in 2013, including January’s record sales for any month of 7,498,000 oz sold!



US Mint 2013 sales as of Monday afternoon:

2013 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 7,498,000
February 3,368,500
March 3,356,500
April 3,068,000
Total 17,291,000


Previous all-time US Mint ASE April sales record, set in 2011:


2011 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 6,422,000
February 3,240,000
March 2,767,000
April 2,819,000

The Mint has also now sold an amazing 175,000 ounces of gold in April, a new monthly sales record for April as every last ounce of physical is sucked out of the mint:

2013 Gold Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
( oz. / #coins )
( oz. / #coins )
( oz. / #coins )
( oz. / #coins )
January 124,500
February 68,000
March 54,000
April 155,500
Total 402,000



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  1. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

  2. Here’s some commentary from Andrew Maguire on why the prices were recently smashed.  He says the imminent LBMA Default triggered the massive take down of the metals.

  3. I see Tulving has some 90% silver in stock with premiums ranging from $4.99 to $6.49 over spot per oz.

  4. I wonder how much gold the mint has left. That’s a lot of gold to stock anyways. Not a normal sale I fear. Might be a very deep pocket dealer or exchange deciding to pay 1% premium for coins over bars, just to get the stuff in their hands. Big guns can remelt it themselves into good delivery bars anyway. If Jim Willie is not lying to us, such a transaction could be very worthwhile for the party that can prepay 2 tons of gold, to melt it into bars, and sell in bulk at way over spot. 

    I’d love to hear insiders report on the physical action at the exchanges. China out of gold OK. But how are other vaults doing? What happens when one stands fo delivery?

    • XC…When one stands for delivery that means that you(or your agent i.e. Brinks) is going to a COMEX depository (in Delaware and NY) and physically pick up your gold or silver bars and transfer them to your own private vaulting facility.  Of course there is a process and certain days of the month to do all of this.  Usually options expire about the 25th of the month.  You need to give notice a week later. 
      Thing is the COMEX is suppose to be a fully allocated system.  But, we all know they have illegitimately morphed into a fractional reserve system.  So, if enough people stood for deliver their scheme would be exposed.  That problem is the major players historically have been in on the game and would not be the ones to break the COMEX.  That appears to be changing as everyone is getting sick and tired of being lied to by these charlatans.

  5. Hey Doc
    Could you please do some research on Industries needs and concerns about silver for their production. Where do they get there’s and what do they pay for it, and is their supply at risk.  When will they be coming to us for product. my dad told me 15 some yrs. ago, when Ted Butler was just going after the manipulators, “There will come a time when industry places full page ads in the newspaper wanting to buy your silver due to shortage, and when that happens…GAME OVER”

    • It has started.
      I’ve been forwarded an email from Dubai asking for 500kg/month of GOLD. It was badly worded, but in handsight they probably meant they wanted to pay up to 12% over spot. Ukraine was they preferred sourcing country. This was before last week’s takedown.

      Now my classifieds profile (I trade some silver to enhance my holding) received an emial from a trader (likely an oversize pawnshop type of business, sourcing whatever clients want) asked a quote for 5000kg of SILVER.

      It seems some large player are experiencing difficulty optaining their bulk EM, whichever way they used to source it. In the case of Dubai of course, they are on a new and growing demand, mainly for gold-for-oil trading between Iran and the rest of the world, because the US’s sanctions just don’t work out for anyone. Gold is pretty value-dense, but if you like at oil volumes…a lot of gold is needed. If Iran manages to hoard that, they may jump the top-10 of gold holders. And in true terms (gold that can be audited, they love to be audited there after all), they may go top-4 or better. New demand, and it’s real. 

      This may explain to some extent (despite paper price being unrelated to supply/demand) the gold-silver ratio neatly crawling up. Silver throughput by mints can’t be increased, they just some out of ready product, and can’t mint more than they already had coming their way (at old high price). They’ll soldier on, but raise premiums as we’ve seen. Will our collective demand vastly boost retail silver bizz’s output? I hope, but fear not.

      My classifieds ads get a little but of attention, but it seems buyers are waiting. Waiting for web orders they placed (and may or may not be delivered, I did score 50 Polar Bears which I actually received swiftly, ordered after the crash at minute premium), or expecting prices to fall futhers. I am actually not selling anything, as I am hardly getting bidders, and certainly don’t see how I’d replace the silver, FOR SURE, cheaper. Other sellers are raising asking prices. seems calm. Mostly collector coins there now, perhaps supply is just drying up. Premium coins are doing well. If you have something special, and have a source to get fresh metal, guaranteed, I great time to silver in. Sel the old silver panda, and buy back 3-4 newer 1oz coins. But, turnover is minute it seems.

  6. It is astonishing to see silver falling in price again today as the worldwide demand accelerates are a rapid pace.
    $23 is a fantasy number. Who can get silver anywhere near this price? I see some around $25/26 but not lower than that. Many coins are still commanding $28/30 and higher. 

  7. I am LOVING my purchase of some 2011 wolves I did when they first came out.  It is up to $90 per coin.  And the premiums on the Bisons are more than the Antelopes right now

    • Yeah, I noticed that too.  In fact, I ordered 200 Antelopes from Provident last week because they were the cheapest 1-oz. silver coins they had for sale.  I don’t collect the wildlife series but could not resist the cheap price on these… $0.50 less than Maples.  Hope that they come soon.

  8. based on anecdotal evidence and the sales ratio of gold to silver, the mint is lying through their teeth on eagle totals..
    changing gears. the price continues to shit the bed in the face of silver drying up aroud the globe. bloody disgusting. line them up and shoot them all after a summary trial

  9. But silver and gold are worthless relics… at least to the idiots who watch the MSM, rest of us are buying as fast as possible.

    • Rest of us don’t wanna be broke-a$$ poor when the SHTF.   lol
      We can do pretty well via doing the opposite of what the MSM recommends.  Just because they have their games does not mean that we have to play.  :-)

  10. Well, well…..
    I went to my second favorite Ag Seller today – they normally only sold gold and silver – imagine my
    surprise when I walked in to find they were selling jewelry – silver mostly / cheaper and name brand stuff.
    A few silver AEs left – the gal I deal with told me they were storing other silver in back – but it would not be
    placed out to sell until the prices went back up.  So………..perhaps the dealers want to keep a little something for themselves for the near future???

  11. I made friends with one of my local coin dealer years ago. I have given his card out, when I warn people, and many listen. I write my name on the card, and he has always done right by them. When these shortages have occurred in the past, he holds on to some for me. I have been short cash, and he has made me take it with me even though I couldn’t pay that day. Nothing wrote between us. He knows the days coming that he will be a Great Big Banker, and has told me that I’m Always welcome there. It’s Important to make friends and when you felt they didn’t do you quite right, just think of some time you came out on top. If your paying ten above spot, it won’t matter in the long scheme of things. My father has been a silver hoarder All his life. My dad did sell when the Hunt Brothers ran the market Years ago. But started collecting when it bottomed out. At this point, I’m locked in. I’m done buying.

    • Good advice and great story from the front lines.  A local shop can be a terrific asset for any coin or bullion collector.  Also good that your father was also a collector… it’s in the genes, man!  :-D

  12. I’m getting a sense of a few things from all your  thoughtful and well considered posts plus some details from TexasMetals on ZH  Here are a couple of loose predictions.

    The US Mint will continue to curtail sales of ASEs through more rationing  A scarcity of siler planchets seems to be the cause 
    The mint will also shut down for a period of days and then maybe 1-2 weeks with a call of  Force Majeur to skirt the laws mandating production
    Silver is an irreplaceable mission critical metal for the industrial and commercial trades world wide.  Rumors and then facts will emerge of their inability to acquire enough silver to keep production 100%.  Furloughs and reduced work weeks will ensue.
    There is a slight chance that Obama, though executive action, will order the mint to cease production of ASE products due to the strategic value of silver. This is all outlined under the NDRP
    Other dramatic and radical actions not seen in 100 years, or at least since the FDR gold confiscation, will become more commonplace.
    Anything futher than these hopefully temporary actions cannot be speculated on since it’s just too radical for my tastes
    The shutdown by EO of the mint will have little or nothing to do with silver stocks. It will be done to reduce or eliminate the sale of silver to private citizens
    There will be a day coming relatively soon when some one person will end up make the last fateful order for silver and the supply chain will implode in a critical mass collapse wherein nothing is available through conventional sources.  It will be similar to a flash crash in the equities market. like Google today at about 9.30 in which it dropped 20 points in less than a second.
    Think of what happened when the banks closed for 2 weeks in Cyprus.  Today people are struggling to survive, getting only petty sums from their ATMS and even the largest church took a 100,000,000 Euro haircut. They stand in the middle of utter tyrannical destruction of their wealth and incomes
    These notes are somewhere between idle speculation and a strong guess as to where we are headed. I gave some thought to put words to these speculations.
    It may start on a local basis but soon spread to a regional level, whether in this country or another. We may get some warning of this since the bankers, central banks and cartels seem to be tipping their hands as they roll out their various juggernauts of destruction. W’re pretty savvy to these events now or are at least somewhat buffered from them by ownership of precious metals.

    I will be the first to admit that I could be entirely wrong and this shortage will resolve itself with a large price reset but we have seen in stark clarity what this one very heavy shortage has done to the markets and psyche of the silver community. There is no doubting of intentions of TPTB as to our fate as they struggle to save themselves and stay on course.
    It’s similar to the new normal in ammo prices when 223 sells for $1 a round and 22 cal sells for was used to be a high price for 223.  Similar calibers but vastly different price stuctures.  This new-normal phenomenon in the precious metals market may not revert to the mean when this crisis subsides.  Like ammo and gas, these prices may be the absolute floor.  There is no compelling reason for the reversion to take place, from my perspective.

  13. The article didn’t say what the cost was for each ASE.  That might be useful.  The US mint isn’t exactly known for their bargain basement prices.  When the spot price for silver was $4.06 it was costing $8.50 for Silver Eagles at the coin shop.  I wasn’t buying any then either.  I have an affinity for buying mint state Peace dollars.  Those are my babies.  Hey would it be appropriate to congratulate and salute all PM stackers at this juncture?  My hat’s off to you at the very least.  The retail Silver pool has dried up like a sponge.   Gold is sold out at AJPM in Portland as well today.   hip hip hooray now just look at that stinking dip

  14. How long can the laws of supply and demand be defied? This is why there are shortages around the world. There is supply “physical supply” comming in, but it is also flying out even faster.

  15. goldman sucks closes out their short gold call.
    in other news , anhone hear about this “let’s break the silver cartel’s back bt buying silver may 1st?” lol.. retail investment silver has disappeared the last week faster than a black market chocolate bar at fat camp. we should have broken their back already as EVERY dealer has had record breaking sales.

  16. CDL  Bro Jo talks about the May 1 silver revolution on his Shortages video  It’s just preceding this post.  This idea is for silver buyers to purchase the equivalent of 200,000 monster boxes on May 1.  two problems with that.  100,000,000 ounces of ASE’s is not there.  That’s 3 years of supply.  2.  That’s also about $3 billion in cash to do so.  Maybe May 1 a group of people will try to raid the silver stocks but end up with 20 monster boxes.

    • yeah I watched that already. it’s horse shit. the market will break when the cartel finally does enough damage to break it. not a second sooner. anyone thinking that the rule of law will apply is whistling past the graveyard, and one look at futures pricing tells the true tale.. investment silver supply in current form has been wiped out which IMO doesn’t necessarily point to a shortage in silver – just a tightness in the investment circles – which of course is a telling sign either way. And the fact that record sales are happening, what do we see?
      We see silver getting the shit beaten out of it again. Then people will point to this divergence in paper versus physical which at this point means I can buy it for way more than I can sell it – generally. Small solace in the larger picture.
      I’ll keep buying but the idea that there is enough stock left after a run on silver to show the cartel who is boss on may first is hilarious. The cartel is going to keep showing US who is boss until they finally blow their own brains out which I pray for every day so that every guy who has been doing the right thing can see his preservation of value be a preservation of value.

      edit – ps, and the real punchline joke? The majority of silver is bought and sold on the forwards market at no doubt a much much higher price than spot

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