USMintThe US Mint reported another 300,000 oz of 2013 Silver Eagles sold Friday, bringing the 1 week sales total to what is believed to be a record 4.782 million ounces!

With nearly 3 full weeks remaining in 2013, the US Mint sales totals are set to shatter January 2011′s all-time monthly record of 6.422 million ounces.

We are seeing absolutely unprecedented and astonishing demand for ALL forms of physical silver over the past 3-4 weeks at SDBullion.

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2013 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 4,782,000
Total 4,782,000

There is currently an extreme wholesale shortage of 90% silver, and our primary wholesale supplier Friday increased the premiums over spot they charge retail suppliers such as SDBullion by 100% overnight on the 1oz buffalo rounds.
Wholesale silver premiums on generic 1oz rounds literally doubled overnight, in the face of record breaking demand for US Silver Eagles reported by the US Mint, and a developing shortage of 90% silver.

Meanwhile, the manipulated paper futures price of silver remains range-bound near $30.


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  1. Things are getting kind of exciting. The long anticipated end of sufficient circulating silver may well finally be in the offing. Since mine production is on a slump, if that continues to play out, the ‘run’ could become a’race’. Glad we all have our ‘bets down’ at the ‘track’

    • @Ranger @Ed_B
      NO body’s ‘making money’ but metals stackers. That includes folks packing away pennies and nickels (EVEN the MORE miniscule little group converting all paper to clad ‘dollar’ coinage!). EVERYthing but metals is PRETENDED, IMAGINARY ‘money’. The REASON is that the true value of metals isn’t stamped on them (that’s the illusion to dispel in one’s mind), it’s invisibly inherent in them due to their supply-demand realities juxtaposed against the same supply-demand realities inherent in ALL OTHER GOODS accross the entire spectrum.
      The TRUTH is found in rationality. That is the RELATIVE abundance or paucity of a thing in relation to any given OTHER thing. The indescribable BEAUTY of METAL MONEY is that recovery of metals is slightly less than the growth rate of humankind. Thet puts a constantly increasing DEMAND on whatever metals that have ALREADY been recovered.
      Stamping numbers on anything used as money is a RUSE … DODGE … ILLUSION … BOONDOGGLE. The TRUTH of its worth and value is it’s RATIONALITY. That factor NATURALLY GUARANTEES to those wise enough to accumulate METALS, that THEY will ‘make money’.
      Paper Rots, Coin Does Not.

      @Ranger … Not meant as criticism … ‘Just sayin’ … more, really, for general lurkers out there.

    • “That factor NATURALLY GUARANTEES to those wise enough to accumulate METALS, that THEY will ‘make money’.”
      There are any number of ways to view the world and your view is just as good, if not better, than anyone else’s.  That said, my view is that metals stackers will not so much “make money” as “have money”!  Those who “invest” in paper will not have money and will either end up dying off or serving those of us who do.

  2. Interesting that junk is running out (a bit). On Apmex there is quite a bit in stock still, so they’ve not been hit with a real silver buying frenzy as yet, although their assortment lists quite a few things out of stock. BUT, with bullion dealers, we need to take their “out of stock” sign with a bag off salt. If they purchased (on average) higher than current paper prices, they can choose to raise premiums to absurd levels, or just go out off stock for a while. Their Dec 31st stock count for tax reasons may not be the same as their online shown inventory.
    Still, it seems we’re making some ground in depleting the for-sale-around-spot silver inventories.
    How strong are you hands, will you sell at $50 silver? $70? I intend to (if I survive financially) wait until deep into triple digit territory. So my hands are pretty strong. How strong other hands are, is to be seen. The private silver buyers are now in BUY mode, and might flip to SELL mode at $100. The next key psychological figure?
    I hope hands will get stronger and stronger, so we can finally break COMEX and get some realistic price discovery in silver and gold.

    • I’m prepared to stay long for the rest of my life. However, i’ve decided to sell some at around $100, $500 and there on. You have to remember, that when the REAL buying frenzy hits, there’s under 1oz / citicen of earth above ground, including silverware and jewellery.
      You can study some SRSrocco – EROI – fundos for the supply – side dynamics to learn more.

    • IF Silver climbs up toward $50/oz again, there is no guarantee it will pass that and continue on up.
      IF Silver passes $50/oz, there is no guarantee it will pass $75/0z and continue on up to $100/oz.
      Given Silver’s volatality, it will likely continue to have many more fits & starts before it gets to $100/oz.  While discussion about trading may give some folks here a nosebleed, the fact remains that buying when the price is low - and selling when the price spikes higher – will increase your wealth and enable you to thus increase the size increase the size of your stack.
      Obviously one would of course sell only a portion of their holdings when the price spikes up.

    • ” BUT, with bullion dealers, we need to take their “out of stock” sign with a bag off salt. If they purchased (on average) higher than current paper prices, they can choose to raise premiums to absurd levels, or just go out off stock for a while.”
      Agreed, XCS… on the other hand, whether they really are out or just aren’t selling probably doesn’t matter a whole lot to us stackers.  If we can’t buy it, the reason for that probably doesn’t matter too much.  I dunno… maybe it should.
      “The next key psychological figure?”
      Great question!  We’ve seen silver charge up to the $50 line and then retreat a few times.  It can do that any number of times.  If it falls back after that, anyone selling close to $50 will do well and can then buy replacement silver at a more reasonable price… IF it goes the same way as it has in the past.  There is no guarantee of that, however.  If we get into a large “failure to deliver” scenario, paper and phyzz prices will completely decouple, paper will collapse because not even the illusion of silver will remain to hold it up, and real silver prices will be determined by the bidding of those who MUST have it!  In this scenario, $150-200 silver is practically a given.  I have to say that at $100 or more, I would probably start selling a little of my hoard.  Not all at once but gradually over time.  The money from this would then be put into other real things… food, ammo, tools, equipment, land, seeds, farm animals, etc.  Selling my silver just so I can have some extra paper laying around does not appeal to me.
      “Obviously one would of course sell only a portion of their holdings when the price spikes up.”
      Agreed, Mammoth.  Selling silver will require just as much care and attention as we put into buying it.  If we can catch a couple of rounds of silver running up to $60 and back to $30, it might be possible to nearly double our stacks.  :-)
      On the other hand, we could shaft ourselves pretty badly if there is no retreat and we sell too soon.  :-(

  3. Its even higher now.  As of Monday, Jan 14th 14:00 PST:
    2013 Silver Sales Totals
    (in ounces / number of coins)

    ( oz. / #coins )



  4. People will be selling at $50 either because they bought at $20 and want profit. Other’s because they bought boatloads at $48 and are disgusted with the market, just like the investor psychology of selling a stock at the buy price to get rid of it.
    People will sell at $70 for profit while people are buying in hopes of catching the next up leg—and there will be one
    People will sell at $100 with eager hand buyers, just like those in lnes around the block who bought gold and silver at $48 and $800 an ounce respectively.  Those that sell will find eager buyers. The middle men will be screaming at the top of their lungs, creating, stimulating and continuing the buying frenzy.  This time will be different. Shortages are real. Top price is unknown and limited by the greater fool with cash in his hands.  Can you spell South Seas frenzy
    hopefully Doc can have the exchange set up then I will be seller at $100 buy only a small portion, maybe enough to recover half my original investments at $33 an oz. After that I’m working with House Money or something to that effect

  5. Lol People are talking about how much they will sell at, $50, $75, $100 or higher. Not me, I wonder what the $ is going to be worth in the future and that will dictate what I will sell for. Keep Stacking. Lol

    • One must ALWAYS question whether or not another person really is “in the know” and asking themselves “why are they telling me this?”.
      To answer your question, we would need to know what gold is doing as silver goes to $49 an oz.  Say, for example that silver went from $32 (your cost basis) to $48 (close enough and the math is simpler).  In this scenario, you have a 50% gain in the value of your investment and can harvest it as a sure thing.  But what of gold?  Has it gone up more or less than 50%?  What is the gold / silver ratio at that time?  As someone who is not in the know but who can make some pretty decent guesses from time to time, I would be looking for a g/s ratio of around 30:1 before I started swapping silver for gold.  I also would not do it all at once in case the ratio continued to fall.

    • @Pollokeeper
      THEY’RE FREAKIN’ STAMPS MAN! Haven’t you noticed the raggedy condition and paucity of most 5s and 10′s circulating, as compared to that of nice crisp fresh 20s, 50s and 100s? The government is PLANNING to screw the gullible ‘banknote brainwashed’ stackers with a switch-up of stamps!
      Indications of ‘supply constraints’ have been building steadily for the past couple years. The ONLY way government can get the physical BACK is to offer STAMPS WITH HIGHER NUMBERS ON THEM. We’re VERY close to the point where people will get suckered into ‘selling’ their physical for these stupid stamps and either the new ‘price’ for it will NOT come ‘back down’, or the availability will simply permanently disappear into bank and treasury vaults. That way the governments get to LOCK THE STAMP INFLATION (depreciation) on the necks and ankles of The Peoples.
      You can succumb like a Pavlov dog to the ‘buy-sell-buy-sell’ banknote based conditioning, setting you up for the coup-de-gras, OR RESIST and INSTEAD trade METAL FOR METAL. In other words … THINK IN RATIOS. If silver’s ratio to gold rises to, say, 15:1, then make THAT trade on a limited basis … and even THEN … in a private setting outside ‘their’ capability to get hold of ANY silver.
      How long and how much blatant abuse does it take to figure out that governments are the paramount ENEMIES of your Liberties! Once that solidifies in your head, it’s only natural to begin mapping out your activities tactically and develop strategies to side-step their lunges and defeat their parries.

  6. Better look at Uncle Festers video over at you tube again. BTW, what if you Fed Ex’d your eagles from USA to Perth and sold for AUD….never thought of that one, did you Fester! Perth is open now, taking orders door to door Fed Ex….oh the humanity!

    • I have an account with BV and the cost basis is 38 on the silver.  I have been underwater on this investment virtually the whole time I have held it.  BV seemed prudent at the time because of issues with storage since I live in Panama.  The idea to put half in gold is just to get some diversity and to smooth out the volitility a little.  Of course, we are far from my 49 dollar target at the moment but the hope is that the silver/gold ratio will close up some.  My thinking is that this volitility we are experiencing will only get worse as time goes on.  I will also look into buying phyzz when the time comes but the premiums here are high.  And, buying more than a few gold coins at a time is tricky here.

    • @Thomas
      That WOULD be great … except … that mint operators are as brainwashed in the banknote scheme related pre-conception as everyone else and so they just follow their first instincts and make their coins in avoirdupois rather than Troy. The logical preference for ‘apples to apples’ Troy, is that the copper-silver ratio is FAR more sensible and intuitive for anticipation of the banknote scheme’s dissolution. Because that eventuality is ‘out of the box’ for them, the nonsensical juxtaposition of avoirdupois to Troy doesn’t even enter their minds. It’s ‘stay with the program’ pre-dispositioning.
      Personally, I’d rather ‘cut through the Gordeon Knot’ altogether and see ALL weight stated in GRAINS, since that’s the one common denominator that eliminates confusion and sets a solid stage for PROPER decimal divisioning of coinage AND intuitive rationalization to weight-based exchange of EVERYTHING that ANYONE of ANY age can grasp without difficulty.

  7. PK  you bring up good question  Given that silver is pretty bulky, conversion AG to AU might be good idea.  If the GTSR goes from 53 to 1 to the ratio of 16 to 1 in the silver gold mania phase in 1980, trading exceptionally high then silver conversion to gold might be good. You’d have to be careful to execute with the best price in mind but maybe sell silver, hold FIAT and wait until the mania phase is over.  Gold might drop or the ratio might expand again, dropping silver prices back down while gold holds it own price more effectively.  Gold is the store of wealth. Silver is volatile with big swings.  you could then trade back to silver when silver drops back below some trading range.  Gold is a good metal to trade now with the ridiculous GTSR, allowing you to get cheap silver.  Just watch that the buyer does not issue 1099′s since trading two unlike precious metals can create a taxable even the upleg, gold, has a profit over your basis price for that metal.

  8. wont be selling but still buying …. at the moment im happy buying anything under 32 dollars …. will i sell some at fifty … i might do that because i think it will fall back to low forties but sell at 50 buy at 42…. if it doesnt work out that way i’ll buy back asap

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