gold manipulationIn this excellent interview with Elijah Johnson, gold experts Alasdair Macleod and Bill Murphy discuss the de-Americanization of the world, and how the Fed and US gov’t has facilitated the demise of the dollar, and handed the ultimate economic power on a “golden” platter to China and Russia.
Macleod digs deep into official Chinese gold statistics, pointing out that at 2,600 tons, China is now absorbing more than the whole world’s annual gold production.  Add Russia, India, Turkey, and the Middle East, and the only way the price of gold remains at current levels is by massive quantities of Western central bank gold being supplied to the market. 
Bill Murphy & Alasdair Macleod’s MUST LISTEN interview is below:

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    • Ranger…great link.  Thanks.  China is the key.  They possess a financial weapon($1.8T in t-bills) that if detonated will destroy the U.S. economy.  So, if they demand possession of cheap physical gold I guess you give them what they want.  Remember when Walter Cronkite would refer to them as ‘Red’ China.  Don’t hear that anymore do you.

  1. China and Russia would prefer a non chaotic hand over of the financial system for obvious reasons. There is absolutely no benefit in economically nuking the dollar when they hold a mountain of T-bills. The only people nuking it is the FED and its cohorts.

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