U.S. MINT UPDATE: Silver Eagles Nearly Sell Out In Two Days

gold & silver sold outThe U.S. Mint updated its sales figures today… and it was another whopper.
Yesterday, the U.S. Mint sold 825,500 Silver Eagles which was about two-thirds of the weekly allocation.
The total Silver Eagle for February is now 3,671,500.
Not only has this been another excellent month (so far) for Silver Eagle sales, it is an all-time record for February!

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From The SRSRocco Report

The U.S. Mint raised the total allocation to its authorized dealers this week to 1,250,000 compared to 750,000 last week.  Today, the U.S. Mint sold another 346,000 Silver Eagles for a total of 1,171,500.

Silver Eagle Sales Feb 24 & 25

This means the U.S. Mint only has 78,500 Silver Eagles available for the remainder of the week.

The total Silver Eagle for February is now 3,671,500:

Silver Eagles Update 22514

Not only has this been another excellent month (so far) for Silver Eagle sales, it is an all-time record for February:

FEB 2010 = 2,050,000

FEB 2011 = 3,240,000

FEB 2012 = 1,490,000

FEB 2013 = 3,368,500

FEB 2014 = 3,671,500

I would imagine the authorized dealers will purchase the remaining 78,500 Silver Eagles of this week’s allotment to bring to total for the month at 3,750,000.

Lastly, there is a great deal of LOUSY ANALYSIS in the markets.  I just saw Goldman Sachs downgrade Pan American Silver to a “SELL”, because the top-notch institution believes the price of silver is “overvalued.”

If I were to make a comparison here on what is really INSANE in this market… we would have the following figures:

FED Monthly Treasury & MBS Purchases (FEB) = $65 billion

TOTAL VALUE U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Sales (FEB) = $90 million

FEB U.S Mint Sales = 1.3% of Total Fed FEB purchases

I still receive a great deal of email from people suggesting to me that silver is overvalued and is not a good investment.  All I can say to these folks.. wait around a few years and get back with me.



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  1. Gee, I just can’t wait for  Friday when Silver hits $23.00!  Yeah Right. Funny how new home sales have been adjusted way up!

  2. Stackers out there, consider this a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT from another long-time stacker:
    Make CERTAIN your 2014 ASEs are GENUINE!  Test them, weigh them, measure them, and if you are thinking of buying encapsulated 2014 eagles, don’t!
    Fakes are coming out of China by the boatload!
    Good Luck!

    • @silverrrr:  Very good points!  I read a recent internet article about someone buying Graded Coins on flea-bay.  Graded Coins are encapsulated and permanently sealed from NGC or similar grading company so there’s no way to really weigh them.  You’ll never know until you try to sell them to a dealer.
      They showed several images and even the faked NGC hologram sticker was really good. 

    • @silverrrr:  Good advice.  I read on the internet that a couple of ways to test if it is real silver, in addition to weighing the coins, is that silver is magnetic (so a magnet could be useful) and also that ice will melt on silver immediately on contact.  That was a new one for me but I tried it out and it certainly was true and very cool.  My father-in-law had one of those old “Silver Bullet Brigade” bullets that the NRA used to give out as membership tokens and it practically melted right through an ice cube in a few seconds.

    • Start by using a neodymiium magnet. Learn how to use it. See my video, 51 seconds short :

  3. I will bet you a million most of these silver eagle coins never  ever made it out to the American public. Its probably in a NWO bank vault some where. Could it be there in JP morgues vault. Just like all the QE money most still in government hands

  4. Gold bull and Chairman of Franco-Nevada (former President of Newmont Mining) Pierre Lassonde made some very interesting comments during a Kitco interview.  
    “Central banks spend no time thinking about gold”   He also stated that if China goes into a economic recession, the gold price could go lower.
    Looks like more gold investors are not buying into the manipulation claims.

    • ZMAN are you “still” on Silver Doctors stating the Glass Is Half Empty?  I guess the article below sums up what you are doing here:
      This article was part of the stuff released by Snowden.
      One of the slides states: Post Negative Information on the Appropriate Forums

    • @PowerBall
      Do you have issue with Pierre Lassonde?    He’s a gold bull and KWN favorite, in fact he has more experience and knowledge in the gold sector than all of these “experts” that claim manipulation combined.    
      He also has plenty of his own money invested in the sector, when someone with Lassonde’s credibility laughs about the manipulation claims are you going to call him a “troll” as well?      Maybe listen to what he has to say about the subject matter.

    • Zman I’ve never seen you post anything but negative articles about gold and silver.  If I’m wrong please correct me!  My question remains why do you follow this blog if you’re so negative about the metals?  It’s the same as someone that is afraid of water and can’t swim following scuba diving blogs and just posting articles about the most recent swimming deaths.  It doesn’t add up!!
      So why do you continue to follow and constantly post on this blog?  I asked this before and you ignored the question so I’ll ask again.

  5. Ben Bernanke is writing a book  It’s being ghost written by Keynes.   Title of the book? Not release yet.   Any suggestions will be forwarded to Ben at his new job with Brookings
    Dedication page was released early since it was thought to take up 287 pages of this 300 page tome.
    “Dedicated to all the trolls I’ve known and loved”
    Presales are robust at 450,000 copies. 95% are destined for Argentina.
    The people cheered Toilat paper shortage is being relieved.

    • @AGXIIK
      “Ben Bernanke is writing a book  It’s being ghost written by Keynes.   Title of the book? Not release yet.   Any suggestions will be forwarded to Ben at his new job with Brookings”
      I suggest the following title:   “Annnndddd…. It’s Gone!”    ;-)

  6. This increase in Silver Eagle sales is like a sleeping giant waking up…  That sleeping giant is the free-thinking people of America.

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