Totally Normal Silver Market Goes Vertical

After regaining nearly all the losses sustained in Wednesday’s big COMEX open raid overnight and finally clawing its way back above $34 early in Thursday’s COMEX session, silver has just gone vertical popping .50 to $34.50.


Look for resistance to slow silver’s advance at $34.50, but we expect both this level and $35 to fall shortly, and silver to challenge its major resistance level of $37.50 before the end of the year.


Gold is also strong this morning, but has yet to get back above the major $1730 cap the cartel held in place for several weeks prior to gold’s big gain on Monday, and quite interestingly, did not accompany silver’s vertical move to the upside:


  1. They cannot hold it down any longer! It’s inevitable that silver will have to run up, and it’s starting to look like it will be sooner than later. Buyers are increasing exponentially. Crossing fingers at this end……..

    • Now, be honest guys…how many of you did as I did yesterday at roughly 9:30 a.m., and called SD Bullion to lock in a nice order of silver phyzz @ $33?

      Can we see a show of hands, please? 

      THIS is a textbook case of why you don’t “wait for even lower prices”….you just pull the trigger.

    • The way the price bounced back a lot of people bought at the 33$ level!

    • After yesterday’s raid, this is the best the Boyz can do? 

      New World Order or New World Losers?  Hahahahah…

    • You are correct! Silver just recovered fast enough from its losses. About one year ago, it took the cartel one third of the USA’s annual silver production in paper to crush silver’s price by 5$ or even more. Now, it takes the cartel the whole USA’s annual silver production in paper to crush silver’s price by 2$ or less.

  2. Yeah … AFTERBURNER! Most pleasing, the GSR is just a bit over 50 again. (holding tight ’till at LEAST 14)

  3. Looks like the gold and silver valuation/ratio has been broken the last 24 hrs… good sign.

  4. OUTSTANDING! I’m in the black on yesterdays dip. All costs covered. Ag still rising. To the risk takers go the rewards….

  5. Blythe; there must be a window nearby. Jump out of it!

  6. Blythe got caught out by the papparazi this morning-

  7. Another Blythe

  8. this will be blythe’s new line of work when the sh*t hits the fan.

    • LOL! Meanwhile, Bernanke is praying that silver shouldn’t ever go over 30$ per ounce again. Oh wait, silver is now at about 33.70$ per ounce! Haha! Jokes on you Ben!

  9. it’s all good

  10. Blythe Masters  Poster child for Banksters M*ILF award

    half a word

  11. Negative. Feedback. Loop.
    Resistance. Is. Futile.

  12. LMAO  at all the the pictures of Blythe. Lol
    Anyway I see the price of Silver taking off when it crosses $35.25 and I don’t see a resistance at $37.50 just a few hiccups as it crosses $40.00 Dec is going to be a good month as is next year.

  13. Pump and dump, the cartel will hit it again next week.

  14. Now, silver dropped and the price of silver is at about 33.70$ per ounce. There are still a lot chances that silver will continue to go up. I was also to buy some junk silver when silver was at about 33.40$ per ounce during this weekend! :)

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