silverThe totally normal gold and silver market have gone vertical after their NFP release smash as the cartel HFT algos seek to trigger every stop possible, with silver rocketing over $1 back over $29 to $29.39, and gold up $25 to $1585.

Because this is what a freely traded market looks like….

Silver’s vertical drop to $28.26, followed by a vertical move to $29.39:


Gold’s vertical drop retested the lows of the correction near $1560, prior to it’s vertical move to $1585:

We hope you locked your order and Stacked the Smack at 8:31!


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  1. I will be totaly happy in next scenario:
    gold and silver are dumped FOREVER…1 $ for 1oz gold….00000,1 $ for 1.0z silver. End of story and loss about 11.000 $
    or. MOVE FOR NEXT HIGH LEVEL… I am sick of this comedy…and tired as well.
    JP Morgan, computers, bullion banks, FED, monkey Bernanke, Europe, parabolic rise and downs…TOO MUCH for 40 years old PM holder

  2. I think there is a good chance of further silver price deterioration.  Very good chance.  Only buy if you believe you can afford to hold the metal for 3 to 5 years.  If you can afford to buy and hold than this potential price deterioration will not amount to a hill of beans to you in a year or so.  Don’t speculate though.  You could end up having to sell metals to cover some kind of short term cash need and you might have to sell at a loss.  Very demoralizing thought.   

    • Yes, it is… so, invest only what one can afford to invest and keep invested!  
      Speculation is a tricky game.  Seems as if those running the game can change the rules any time they want… and they will not be doing that for OUR benefit.

  3. It is like clockwork lately……. every time there is a jobs report release, silver is smashed (CTFC take notice).   Quite predictable I must say.  What I didn’t expect though is the immediate buying and bounce back.  It will be interesting to read all the takes on what when down this morning.

    • The CFTC would not notice being hit on the head with a 2×4, if Dimon or Blankfein was the guy holding it.  They do as they are told by their masters, while pretending to work for our benefit. 

  4. It is interesting market action, as brotherjohnf noted, there was some bastard high volume on the spike up. That jobs report is such a joke, there was a record case of people getting MULTIPLE jobs, i.e. 2 or 3 part time jobs. The participation rate went down AGAIN.
    It is funny the administration is painting itself into a corner.. People’s take home income is going down, debt is going up. They said the sequester would kill us all. Now this obviously manipulated data points to a recovery. So what, do we stop printing?
    It is a concerto of dog shiit data.

    • No matter how much whipped cream they slather on this turd, it is still not gonna taste like strudel.  Is there anyone left on this planet above the age of 10 who does not know just how much BS the BLS and the Fed are spewing about unemployment and inflation rates?

      Just a thought… someone should write a “Sheeple Alert!” ap for the i-whatever. These could then receive hourly 1-line messages that explain this crap in words of 1 syllable. Hey, who knows… we just MIGHT get through to these critters.

  5. Funny, it did the same thing today as it’s pretty much done all week, just more pronounced.
    Shat the bed on CRIMEX open, then recovered to be in the green nicely, then ambled down and through 29. We’ll see if we get a 29 close this week.

  6. These charts don’t look real, but sadly, they are real! The two lines at the lows don’t match up together and it is as if someone copy and pasted the two lines together on Adobe Photoshop. Let the cartel play with their paper game because all of this will soon end with the supply and demand or with hyperinflation.

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