Top 14 Reasons to Buy Silver Part 3

Chris Duane of has released Part 3 of his Top 14 Reasons to Buy Silver video series.

Those who missed can click here for Part 1 and Part 2 of Duane’s top 14 reasons to buy silver .


  1. At first, I thought it was new reasons why to buy physical silver but the “Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver” series are just the same as the “Silver Bullet and Silver Shield” series. Plus, both of the series are made by the same author which is Chris Duane.

  2. @Sumkid
    You are right, but I like to continue to have the reason front and center in my mind so I understand why I am doing what I am doing.

    • @Ordinary Joe The reason why I still watch his videos even if He already gave the reasons to buy physical silver is because He explains it well with a lot of reasons and with a good voice. Also, there are a lot of information and reasons in the video which means that I’ve forgot some of them and I want to hear them again but in an updated version.

  3. Nothing new.

  4. All has been said about silver before. Just presentation are better than other. It just need to unfold. Until it does, such video’s are premature. Especially as they existed years ago.
    I joined a couple years ago, and have seen prices higher then they are now. Will this continue another few decades with non-ATH prices? At times I get impatient. I am a poor kid, but all in. I can’t help more to depleat reserves.

  5. Great presentation done in a way for anyone to understand.  I love presentations like this as the footage helps everyone understand the magnitude of the situation.  Now if they only listen and act.
    I think we crave a free market and the removal of all the obstacles preventing that to be the case.  You still have to admit that those gold coins still look pretty nice too.  I took the approach of all in and bought some of everything.  I figured all in was the only way to really cash in as 5 – 10% wasn’t going to get me through all the years I wanted to get through.  Now my all in isn’t great as many others but I think I’ve covered plenty of those hard 12 hour days as my older back isn’t up to that challenge anymore.  But maybe my boys can end up not having to put in so many days.
    What I sense on this site are good people tired of being manipulated.  People that want to have some freedom restored and dignity as they age.  I also hear everyone being so aware of protecting their family.  That is why I signed up here and only communicate any thoughts here.  So for all our sakes I pray that some order is eventually restored, the manipulators brought to justice and we get some benefit of our labor and willingness to invest in what will be the future currency in the world.
    I praying that some of the suffering can be minimized because there are also some heavy hitters into metals and so many seem to be very decent, loving people trying to let everyone know how dire the financial situation is.  These folks are putting themselves out there in public challenging the current devaluation of our reserve currency.  I have always believed that good will triumph over evil.  It just may take some time but eventually the job will get done.
    So we keep doing what we have been doing, maybe one dime at a time but in the end hopefully the mad scientists will be corralled and exposed for what they are.  The problem of elected leaders is they don’t lead but do what they are told.  So we have to start removing those in office that haven’t done what is in the interest of all people.  Just like Clint said a couple weeks ago — if you aren’t doing the job we have to let you go.  That is another step we all can do to improve the situation.

  6. Makes my small stack look more reasonable, I mentioned elsewhere it would be about enough to see me through a year and I underestimated by a couple months. I should convert the tiny amount of gold I have to silver…

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