Tom Cloud: Gold and Silver Supplies Are As Tight As 1980 & 2008!

bullion-coins-gold-silver-coins[1]Hard asset expert Tom Cloud has spotted a clear trend with “the lions share” of his 2,000 high net worth clients.
Cloud says, “I had a client the other day who liquidated a several million dollar position in an ETF because he said it’s time to put gold and silver in my hand. . . . People, the wealthier they are, want to get physical gold and silver in their hands.” Cloud is far from alone in his observation. Cloud reports, “I was talking to a major wholesaler last week, when the price was going down, and I asked how many orders have you had today? He said 560. I asked how many have sold to you? He said 20.” Cloud says delivery times for gold and silver bullion are unusually long. When supplies of precious metals are plentiful, Cloud says, “It would be in my hand in three to five days. . . Now, depending on the product, it’s two and a half to six weeks.” Cloud says the only two other times supply has been this tight was “1980 and 2008.” Cloud contends, “Supplies are tight and fear is high. I see it getting worse this fall.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Tom Cloud.

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  1. When a thing is in surplus, prices go down.  When a thing is in deficit, prices go up. That is a natural law.  We live in a world of unnatural laws and misapplications of economic rules.  The time wil come when these things will change. 
    Hold and stay strong
    Buy when you can
    Short enough for you , RGR?
    The essay will come later

    • Thank you AGX. That is the bottom line, and certainly the misapplication of economic rules must continue to be applied in order to obfuscate the outcome as much as possible, at least to those who may not dig deep enough to understand the likely outcome. It is not only the misapplication of economic rules, but the bold manner in which it is accomplished in many cases. Strange times indeed, but it is getting more difficult for the feds to continue the charade, question is how long can it hold together? We have all underestimated how long this monetary policy could last before implosion to some degree, likely in a much worse fashion than the lead up to 2008 simply due to policy. It is often difficult to convey to friends, family etc., how destructive current policy actually is, and the longer it continues the more “normal” folks think it is which is somewhat twisted, but I guess the normalcy bias is always difficult to break but not impossible. The very least, it helps to try and encourage folks to examine their current and future investment plans and at the very least maybe a few will begin to realize things are not always the way they appear.
      Appreciate your thoughts AGX and how you conduct yourself. Hope you are having a good day. :)

    • still about 200 contracts being delivered every day on comex, right now just the big banks house accounts playing with each other, but expectthat will change with next months expiration (silver)

    • Mikey that is paper changing hands, not physical metal. When will you get that through your head.

    • “…but I guess the normalcy bias is always difficult to break but not impossible.”

      It is virtually impossible to break this.  Words have little impact… but hunger, now THAT can achieve miracles.  It is very unfortunate that by the time a sheeple becomes truly hungry and normalcy bias has withered, it is too late to save them.  In fact, I do not counsel people to even try unless the sheeple is a family member or a close friend.

  2. I look at Tulving’s bullion page every now and then and his inventory is way down. Sold out of 13 gold items and 16 silver items. Some delays in shipping too.
    Just another sign the market is FUBAR.

  3. As I stated in another post, I went to my LCS/bullion dealer 7/3/13. They just upped their premiums from 4.50 to 5.00 (2.50 to 3.00 for generic) per ounce of silver ON THAT DAY. They were apologetic for the sudden increase (as many repeat customers were caught by surprise) and said – Their supplies are now at 3 WEEKS DELAY, so they had to up the premium to account for it. I bought 20x1oz silver libertads, as I had none of this.

  4. The APMEX website is also showing a multitude of those pretty, blue banners which have printed on them:
    -  -  -  -  -  -  -
    @AGXIIK, Go ahead and write all that you want to say; I always appreciate your commentary here and it is the reader’s choice on what to read or to skip over.
    (On a related note, remember that it it takes more than two syllables to name it , then it isn’t really coffee!)

  5. Thanks for the nice thoughts Truthlives  We’re having a really nice day. 
    Mammoth.  I’m not sure if I can keep my essay in less than 500 words, per RGR, but I’ll give it a try. 
    Once I’ve guzzled down a few half-caf latte cappa-frappe mochachinos with  twists I’ll dive in. 

    • I agree with Mammoth, AG.  Feel FREE to write as many words as you need to say what you believe is important.  The rest of us can feel free to filter it, read parts, or read all as we see fit.  :-D

  6. If the prices don’t conform to fundamentals and current supply/demand, a slingshot is in the process of being set up.

  7. My primary LCS was closed today. I had planned to buy another 20 oz of silver …. went to the other bullion dealer (which is a International Currency Dealer) and bought two 5 gram gold bars ($246/bar). Looking at thei price chart, I see that they also bumped up their silver premium by 75 cents. I did not even bother to ask it they are having long lead times. Interestingly, when I asked about their Buy-Back price posted for silver ($18.10), if it was for coins (ASE, Maples, etc), she confirmed YES, and her eyes lit up when she asked me if I had some and I said Yes, but I am not selling at the moment … perhaps when I need cash.

  8. Something else I am seeing prices showing signs of going vertical, certain lead alloys used to cast bullets. Used to find it for $1.50 a pound, now up to $2 and rising.

    • It’s time consuming but one can sometimes find lead at garage and estate sales for cheap.  Last I got was 25 lbs. of wheel weights for $5.  These are pretty hard, as lead goes, but they do make nice bullets that can be pushed to 1200 fps without serious leading probs. This makes them really good in my .357 and .41 mag pistols.

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