Thunder Road Report- Silver: The Best Asset Right Now in the World

myelchreestPaul Mylchreest has released the latest MUST READ Thunder Road Report titled Silver: Right Now (probably) the Best Asset in the World.
Mylchreest examines silver’s cyclical trends and charts, and suggests silver is ready to place new all-time nominal highs by this August.

For more than a century, the silver price has correlated most closely with a cycle based on the combination of two further statistically significant cycles in silver prices lasting 5.58 years and 31 years, respectively. The next peak in this combined cycle is forecast for July-August 2013, which would imply a new all-time high in the silver price in excess of US$50/oz(the current price is US$31.47/oz.). Having underperformed significantly from their most recent price relative peaks in 2011, the risk/reward trade-off for premier silver mining stocks, like Fresnillo (quoted in London) andPan American Silver (North America) looks favourable.

Myelchreest’s full MUST READ report on silver is below:

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Thunder Road Report -February 2013

Thunder Road Report -February 2013 by Turd Ferguson

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  1. Cool.. with any luck we won’t have the same net results as last year after reading some of the identical things to start 2012, before getting repeatedly stuffed ( continuing to this very second ).
    I’m a month away from my next purchase and have a reasonable position, so all this prognostication can go ahead and start.. lol.

  2. I think I’m to the point now that $50 an ounce doesn’t impress me. 
    Like most people, I wont be  selling anything at that price.
    But what will impress me is the fact that $50 silver will cause incalculable damage to the TBTF banks that have worked day and night to keep silver prices down.  The end games are in sight.
    The quicker we get there and engage the enemy for real, the better off we will be in the long pull. 

    • I don’t disagree with the notion, I just worry that they’ve done so much damage, that in multiple ways, we will all be FUBARed when the excrement finally hits the oscillator.
      I guess that is where some storable food, water, a generator and some fuel comes in.

    • Yes, and we’d better bring our military back home to defend our own borders for a change. Bankruptcy has been historically all that’s needed for casus belli.

    • Obama won’t defend our southern border, they need more liberal democrat voters to swim the river or jump the fence.

  3. LMAO Next year it will be 2020 for $50.00. These people drive me crazy with their predictions, nobody is able to predict in this market, it’s so controlled. When the system crashes that’s when things will happen. So until then I’ll Keep Stacking.

  4. It’s good to read that so many silver stackers are cautious or sometimes borderline bearish. If that’s the sentiment of hardcore silver investors, this markets has plenty of room to run.

  5. Silver and gold are money.   The math on why silver must rise in price is evident on multiple fronts.   The demand side of the equation is the deal-maker.   There are tens of millions of stackers in the world (if not hundreds of millions if you count Asians who might not have large amount of capital but do have the good sense to buy some even if in small amounts.)    If you take the aggregate number of stackers and plug in a number (for the number of ozs they will aquire before they are “done” you get numbers in the tens of billions.   This amount of demand is tenfold greater than the amount of physical silver available.   If you figure a lot of ETF silver is leased out/sold/GONE then it’s even more.
    Look at the way people are buying firearms and ammunition now!   That’s all well and good, but what happens when these people figure out that they not only need to protect their lives, family, and property, but also their assets and purchasing power!?!?  
    The world has already reached the Minsky moment.   We are past the Rubicon.   QE cannot and will not stop.   To do so wouild spike interest rates and destroy the banking system and govts!   So the poor and middle class be damned, back breaking inflation will come.    I just paid $3.70 for a gallon of gas and I live in a state that is cheaper than the rest of USSA.   Is that deflation?  
    I think they are trying to reignite the housing bubble.   It means more jobs, more tax revenues, and people thinking they are rich again and spending, in turn creating more jobs…….    Lending standards are going to get FUBARed again.   Look at what they have been doing with autos in the last year.   You can drive away with paystub from McDonalds and bad credit.   Soon to come to housing again.   Can’t you see how overjoyed people will be with their house and 401(k) worth 25-35% more than it was a few years ago?   
    PM holders should actually feel smug and sanguine that PMs are actually THE CONTRARIAN PLAY on this whole delusional Ponzifest right now.   It is sure as hell preferable to CNBC, Jim Cramer, and Abby Joseph Cohen trumpeting its virtues and announcing $300 price targets.

  6. This article is interesting in an academic sense but I don’t see any real actionable info here.  Certainly, there is nothing here that will change the actions of anyone who is currently stacking silver.
    I agree with AG that $50 silver will come along one of these days but will not be particularly meaningful to me.  My silver is a financial insurance policy against all sorts of nasty economic / financial difficulties and not something that I have any intention of bouncing in and out of on a routine basis.

    Silver will really come into its own when paper money is devalued significantly or collapses completely.  Other than that, the only other meaningful event will be a substantial change in the G / S ratio.   If that were to drop below 30:1, I would trade some silver for gold.

  7. Silver is up over 700% since 2001.  No arguments here.  

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