Cyprus popular bankIn the wake of the Cyprus depositor haircuts becoming official this week, a Cypriot SD reader has sent us a screen shot of his online banking terminal with Cyprus Popular Bank (Laiki).
The screenshot below puts new clarity to If You Don’t Hold It, You Don’t Own It.

Balance: €849,682.68

Blocked Funds:…

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Cyprus popular bank

Jim Sinclair states that Cyprus bail-ins are coming to your own front door, and that only those who move NOW to protect themselves will avoid the coming asset confiscation.


  1. The banks bear the burden of coming up with ways to fund the wars.  Instead of focusing on stopping the wars we bear witness to the economic damage that we suffered as a consequence.  I don’t feel sorry for you if you lost 800 thousand euros.  It was time to put that money to work a long time ago numb nuts.  I’m not talking about metal.  There are millions of small businesses no doubt struggling to get by.  It would require too much imagination and effort to GO BACK TO WORK and become a partner with some of these sole proprietorship operations.  There are family owned businesses that just might be looking for a partner.   You could have went in 50/50 with some business owner that just wants to learn their lesson and cut up their credit cards but no.  Divided we fall. 

    • Andrew James, surely a person should have the legal and moral right to put their €800k wherever they please? What an attitude you have. What if that money was a recent house sale and they were about to use it to make another purchase? That cash may represent their life’s worth? What if they just ‘felt like’ keeping it the bank. I suggest you go re-think your morals.

    • Ever stop to think that for a small business that is operating capital that goes to inventory, expansion, hiring more workers…

    • It’s just a suggestion yuri.  I don’t know why others feel compelled to describe my attitude on the internet when they have never met me.  You want attitude?  Go eat a steaming pile of it. 

  2. wonder how much tax this individual paid while living in cyprus. Lets get real people…if you look at the state of affairs of greece and cyprus this was coming to them and soon to the US. Greece had major public sector jobs, a lack of private sector jobs, and low tax rates.. just not going to happen… Same goes for the USA> 

      So this is an old story with an SD spin on it?   Did a Cypriot reader send a screen shot to the Doc`? What can we believe? The underlying story is quite shocking as per CDirtlump comments.

  3. The point of this thread is that this business in Cyprus has set a precedent, and it is indeed possible anyone who has a bank account may suddenly find themselves unable to access their own wealth
    But those who store their wealth in physical silver & gold, which they maintain possession of – these people will be able to access their own wealth.
    THAT is the main point here!

  4. With the back story, the point is actually more chilll inducing in my opinion.
    This was an account which FUNDED BUSINESS OPERATIONS AND PAID EMPLOYEES! Bail-ins literally grind economies to a halt, in addition to stealing money.

    • From the look of things, bail-ins grind everything to a halt… economies, businesses, and lives.  Maybe we need a preemptive strike on this new form of theft by having laws passed that prohibit it under any circumstances.  Might help, might not, but at least it would give the sticky-fingered banksters something to think about BEFORE they grab everything that does not belong to them.  By the age of 5, most of us have already learned this life-lesson.  Too bad that those with such empty souls have not.

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