THEY Are Going To Confiscate YOUR Silver!!!

swat milk raidIn his latest must watch video, the Silver Bullet Silver Shield’s Chris Duane examines the likelihood that the government will ever attempt to confiscate silver.
Duane destroys the myth and irrational fears that a door-to-door confiscation of silver is coming, and like The Doc, makes the case that the most likely targets for a Federal confiscation of precious metals would be ETF stockpiles and nationalization of mines.   The real threat of confiscation of your wealth is via inflation, and confiscation of paper retirement funds and vehicles.
Chris Duane’s full analysis on the potential for a national gold & silver confiscation is below:

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  1. The reason FDR payed face value plus a 67cent premium to reacquired(it was never confiscated) the citizens’ gold was to launch his version of QE.  Remember at the time the U.S. was on the gold standard and politicians can not print gold.  So, in order to expand the monetary base, FDR reacquired the gold and then revalued gold upward from $20.67 to $35 thus bailing out the Fed by expanding the money supply.
    Today, gold(or silver) “confiscation” is not necessary, because the U.S. dollar has morphed into a gov’t issued fiat currency. If the Fed needs to expand the monetary base as it is doing now all they have to do his hit a few keystrokes.

    • Agreed, UglyDog.  But the part of this story that is sometimes overlooked is that in 1933, gold was money… and the banks were hoarding it instead of lending it out.  The primary target of FDR’s gold grab was the banks because it was they who had most of the gold.  Many Americans had silver money but only the wealthy had much in the way of gold.  $100 in face value gold coins could be kept by American citizens and still be in compliance with the infamous EO 6102.
      FDR also telegraphed this move by announcing in April that it would come into effect in May, thus giving many wealthy Americans plenty of time to remove their gold from the US and store it in Canada, Mexico City, London, or Paris.  There were no reporting requirements at all, so if a person owned a lot of gold, there was nothing stopping them from loading it into the trunk of their car and driving it to a bank in Montreal, Toronto, or Mexico City.  Quite a few of them did just that, so when the law went into effect, they simply ignored it in complete safety as they owned no gold in the USA.
      While this gold grab was technically not confiscation because people were paid the then-going rate for their gold, many people see it as just that because people were forced to sell all but $100 worth of it to the Gov, whether they wanted to or not.  Some see that as a type of confiscation.  Once it was all gathered up and re-valued, those who hid their gold from the Gov got about a 68% bonus in the value of the gold that they kept.  The Bank of Mother Earth stood them in good stead.  As long as they never had more than $100 face in gold coin on them at any one time, the chances of them getting into trouble over it was pretty remote.  Yes, they would have been very careful about where, with whom, and how much gold they spent afterwards.  I wonder if any of them went to Mexico and traded their gold for an equal value of silver, which was not called in?  Maybe some who lived in Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona did that.

    • Ed…Thanks for “The Rest of the Story”.  Great info.

    • You’re welcome, UglyDog.  But feel free to reach through your monitor and give me a smack upside the head if I drone on too long with such things. :-)

  2. I cannot stand Chris Duane. The man is a snake oil salesman at best. He is destroying the Mulligan Mint with lies and deception. This man looks out for himself and himself only!

    • Rob Gray is a criminal, as are all his associates. Chris Duane does not have the power to destroy a business – the idea that he could single handedly take the mulligan mint down is laughable. What about all the silver stolen from republic metals? IF you read the depositions and the lawsuit data it is clear who the criminal is. Expect criminal filings against rob gray, his wife and his brother soon.
      p.s. did you use Rob Gray’s proven 100% money back guarantee cancer cure? Or did he help you quit smoking via a mind mechanic tune up? LOL
      I for one can’t wait to see what Jack Crisco (Spirko) of the survival lardcast has to say when Gray’s fall from grace is completed. Maybe Rob can start a new ponzi scheme making retarded silver coins for adam kokesh, bix weir and jack spirko.
      As for Chris Duane, sure his consciousness talk gets a little old sometimes, but as far as I’m concerned he’s one of the good guys. If everyone followed his lead or our lead on here and went all in to silver, we’d be in a better world. Just like silver doctor’s and brotherjohnf, the articles get old for us, but we need NEW PEOPLE to catch on to this and in that respect, we are indebted to all of them in some regard.

      The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

    • Canadian Dirtlump ” If everyone followed his lead or our lead on here and went all in to silver, we’d be in a better world.”
      Wow really?! Can you say CULT? You go ahead and go all in on silver bud. Have fun with that.

      BTW I have done business with MM and I’ve received every ounce of silver that I ordered from them. However due to CD’s monkey business in taking MM to court, I’ve stopped ordering from them. One word for Mr. Duane…..Karma.

    • @Canadian Dirtlump – you sir make a lot of sense.
      @Eaglesteel – you unfortunately don’t. Are you Adam Kokesh? Jack Spirko, Spiro, Gyro? Or even Rob Gray?
      So now it’s down to Chris Duane to save your ass!
      Although I feel his coin pumping is overdone, and not completely in line with his rhetoric (Chris – you don’t need to be offering different ‘qualities’ of the same coin – an ounce is an ounce right?), I do understand he has a business just as the Doc does and he’s offering an alternative to those interested.
      Chris Duane has put vast amounts of time in to offering information to waking people up to real money. I don’t have the time or inclination to do this for the masses. Have you? What’s your track record mate?
      Some people like Chris, some don’t. I do have a lot of respect for him. Not slavishly, I just think he is one of the good guys like CD does.
      Out of interest, we’re here on a Pro Silver site – shock horror someone’s all in the physical!!! I’m having fun with it, CD’s having fun with it, Charlie (Turk) is definately having fun with it :) AG is sat on it cleaning his gun. Mammoth is dribbling over his newest addition ;) RGR is stacking’ like a MF. Bay of Pigs is probably out on his boat right now! I could continue the list all night – UD, Ed_B, SE etc etc I bet even zman has a tasty stack.
      Are you stacking? Or have you just got back from your Walmart spending spree? Are you checking the interest you’re getting on your current account? Are you BTFATH? Have you bought into OneDirectionCoin the newest crypto currency on the block?
      Enquiring minds would like to know?

    • yeah karma, Rob Gray again engineered his own demise through theft, fraud and blowing company money. Chris Duane has continued his business, successfully. Businesses get sued everyday across the globe and don’t go out of business because of it. The Republic Metals lawsuit is a much bigger deal as well. So play fast and loose with the fact all you want but I’ll call you on your bullshit.
      You want a cult? Look to those idiot acolytes of Rob gray eating the garbage he spews. I’ve said I’m done with govt mint rounds now, so I’ll be supporting chris duane as long as he’s in business.
      if you want to play along and chronicle the fraud and theft Rob Gray and company were involved in, feel free. Chris Duane didn’t make Rob Gray break the law.

    • Canadian Dirtlump all I’m saying is that I’ve done business with MM and they did not fail to provide my product. The courts will determine the fate of MM and Rob Gray. As for Mr. Duane I view him as snake oil salesman because of how he conducts himself. Why has he gone over the top in smashing Rob Gray’s name? I mean take him to court and leave it at that, there is no need to go on a witch hunt unless you have to twist the truth in order to fabricate a case. Maybe you should do what Mr. Duane always states so proudly. “Listen to all and follow None” You seem to be cult like. Be careful Canadian Dirtlump. Putting all of your money in silver is very foolish. I have plenty of silver myself but I also have gold and stocks. I get a great return from the stock market when it’s either up or down and I use the gains to stack. Because I do that I have a lot more silver and gold than if I would just simply cash out and buy PM’s.

  3. To Chris Duane:

  4. Now I’m pretty wasted right now, but, did I not hear him make a case for them NOT confiscating silver?
    Ah, it don’t hurt to listen to people, even if they’re wrong 9 out of ten times.  Sometimes I get good ideas from listening to stupid people.

    • The case is, it is completely impractical, less than 5% of Americans would even have any, and the ones that do have it may have it stored. Anyone who thinks silver or gold confiscation would happen before bail ins and 401k would happen ( which have orders of magnitude more money in them, and are easily accessible ) is an idiot. IF it gets to that, then the world will be past the point of return.
      I guess you’re wasted lmao, because I saw this video a long time ago and the fact that confiscating silver would be a fool’s errand versus logistics / cost and what you get, was clear.

  5. Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy save yoselves, the Negro in Washinton wants yo Silber and Guld. Run fo da hills!

    • Run !?!??! 
      Shirley, you jest. 
      Gimp, hobble, limp and amble.  
      Just call me Hop-a-long.  
      Running ruins the crap out of my aim in any case.

    • “Gimp, hobble, limp and amble.”
      Oooh, “limp”.  Now, that could be a whole ‘nother problem that has nothing to do with running.  :-D
      “Running ruins the crap out of my aim in any case.”
      Agreed!  I’ve lost count of the Internet knuckleheads who say that, “A .22 rifle makes a good defensive weapon when the bullets are properly placed”.  Well, no s**t!  What doesn’t?  The trick is, of course, that in the REAL world the situation one is confronted with is very unlikely to be ideal.  To find out what a tiny bit of combat is like and its effect, these guys should pick up an AR or an AK and its ammo plus all their gear, run at full speed for 200 yards, stop, aim carefully at a human silhouette target 100 yards away, and see if they can put ANY bullets on that target, let alone “place them properly”.  My guess is that they can’t and have never tried this.  If they had, they would know better.  Besides… running is what one does when their plan goes completely FUBAR!  ;-)

  6. Unlike gold, privately held silver is mostly in the hands of blue collar types (like me) that are experiencing the toughest economy in decades. This loosens the grip of many struggling to make ends meet. Thus, in a way they are confiscating it right now.  Psychological warfare is real, powerful, and very effective.  Even if you receive some pittance for it, you have still been taken.  They paid the trusting and loyal sheep in scrip for their gold in the great gold retrieval of the 1930s.  Scrip they can produce with no effort at all.  Scrip that has lost 90% of it’s value since.  They didn’t come to your door with a gun, they just bought it on the cheap by federal decree.
    Times are tough, (slick move, Ben) so some are forced to sell by circumstances, others due to propaganda imbued fear of further losses.
    Just remember, they desperately want what you have.  Ask yourselves why.

  7. @Jccjktj -  Aw shucks.. I just vent a little on here, to keep from going bananas.  I’ve seen some crap over the years, but lately it’s off the scale.  Every afternoon, at 5 PM EST to 5:15 PM, trading goes wild and between 25,000 and 100,000 contracts swap hands, then quiet again without much or any price movement.  This has gone on for about 8 weeks. Today’s tally was 50,600 contracts.  The price difference?  2 big cents- yes, 2 pennies.  What in the world is going on?  Short covering, a hand out to China, what?
    I know we’re right, we just aren’t permitted to realize any gain from it.  On and on, month after month, while the taperworms carry off the billions. 
    This is why I will soon be watching cartoons on prozac.  ;)

    • @Conax – I hear you. Without here and ZH I’d probably lose it ;)
      I have no one in person to discuss any of this with. It’s a weird old world at the moment. Mind you I was still oblivious 4 years ago!
      I’m no trader, so curious as to where is best to go to get this sort of info. I have a spread betting account I keep an eye on for price movement but not volumes. Do you need to subscribe to have this access?
      Even the larger holders here are probably small in the scheme of things. But I agree, what we have they want all for themselves and they will wring out every last ounce they can.
      Always keep in mind there are many out there that have vast wealth now, but will lose it all. There are those that trust others to hold their worth. And there are those that are crap with oars ;)
      I have been able to hold on to virtually every ounce so far. Not easy at times but just have to be prudent. I have little ones to protect now and in the future. They’ve only got me looking out for them.
      I already watch the cartoons my friend :) I know them all!!!

  8. @Jccjktj
    It’s ok, you have little ones.  I knew all the cartoons when mine were young, too.
    I’m happy for ya, that you haven’t lost any silver to the hard times. 
    You can watch Netdania’s Forex charting for free.  If you check out the menus and buttons above the main chart, you’ll find you can watch silver from min to min or wk to wk, with volumes running below, overlaid with the Dollar index (which we should all keep an eye on), gold, Eur/USD and a lot more.  Set the interval to ‘weeks’ and it shows the history of where we’ve been clear back to the original ramp in Silver in 2010.  The $49 peak and what happened next- it’s a superior service they run there.|netdania_fxa&name=Silver,%20spot

    • @Conax Many thanks, I’ll bookmark that.
      It’s tough out there and everyone here that has managed to hold on and accumulate should give themselves a pat on the back. It doesn’t matter what size stack you’ve got. You’ve got skin in the game and something of genuine value going forward.
      I appreciate it’s hard for those that bought at higher levels, but if you can buy at these levels you can trade out at lower highs to recoup or just keep to bring your dollar cost average down.
      Every ounce counts, and the more you have, the more you want!!! I keep wanting to pull the trigger on gold, but at these ratios continue with silver.

  9. @AGXIIK
    ….don’t call me Shirley….LMAO

  10. Isn’t this a repeat? Seem to have seen this already…

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